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Astrology Meets March Madness: The Final Four

So far my predictions on the NCAA men’s basketball tournament haven’t been too far off. I looked at the partial horoscopes of the coaches for the four top seeded teams and saw that none of them had important aspects to their horoscopes this month. Only one of these top seeded coaches, Billy Donovan, has made it to the Final Four. Then I compared the aspects to the partial horoscopes of John Calipari and Rick Pitino and said that Calipari had the better set up. His UK Wildcats will be playing this weekend.

Since I’ve already looked at Billy Donovan and John Calipari, now it’s time to consider the other two coaches in the Final Four: Connecticut’s Kevin Ollie and Wisconsin’s Bo Ryan.

The main feature in Coach Ollie’s chart is a square between his Capricorn Sun and Pluto. (Click here to see a horoscope for Ollie charted for noon.) This is the kind of “toughness” aspect we’ve seen in almost all of the horoscopes for these coaches.

The situation with Ollie’s horoscope right now is indefinite. He has some positive aspects, particularly for Saturday’s game with Florida, but they are not clear indications of victory. The best aspect impacting his chart right now is separating (getting weaker) so I’m doubtful about his chances of winning it all. (I’ve listed the aspects below for those who are interested.

Bo Ryan’s chart looks at little different than the horoscopes of most of the other coaches we’ve considered. (Click here to see a horoscope for Coach Ryan done for noon.) His Sun in Sagittarius is opposed by Uranus. Ryan is more excitable that most of these other coaches.He is more likely to change his strategy on the fly and make snap decisions.

Coach Ryan is currently going through an important transit of Saturn. This means that these games represent an important turn point in his life. Does that mean that Ryan is “destined” to win a national championship? Well, Saturn’s job is to teach us the things that we need to know to become better people, so the real question is will Ryan will learn more from winning or from losing.

Otherwise in Ryan’s horoscope we have a bunch of aspects featuring Neptune. If Ryan was a musician or artist this might be fine, but Neptune doesn’t generally mix well with athletics. Things get weird when Neptune is involved. Our goals become vague and confused and it is difficult to sustain the drive to win.

It would seem that all of these coaches have some astrological obstacles to overcome. Who is most likely to overcome them? I have to give a slight edge to Calipari, whose “good” aspects slightly outweigh his “horrendous” aspects. But that’s not much of an edge.

Keep in mind that, without a time of birth for any of these coaches, I am only looking at a partial horoscope. There are many important factors about their horoscope that I am unable to see.

Aspects for Kevin Ollie
Sun square natal Jupiter (Saturday)
Uranus trine natal Venus (separating)
Neptune square natal Neptune

Aspects for Bo Ryan
Saturn square natal Saturn (this is the big one)
Jupiter and Pluto square natal Neptune
Uranus oppose natal Neptune
Neptune oppose natal Mars
Progressed Sun oppose natal Mars

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