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Gwyneth Paltrow and the Mars/Venus Wish ListPaltrowImage2

For most Sun sign Libras partnership is the most important issue in life. They devote a great deal of energy to finding and nurturing just the right kind of relationship, and they will do whatever it takes to keep that relationship thriving. For this reason it was surprising, and a little bit sad, to read that Gwyneth Paltrow, a Libra by Sun sign, was breaking up with her husband. (Click here to see Paltrow's horoscope.)

Looking at the current aspects to Paltrow’s chart, however, it is not so shocking. Saturn has been moving back and forth within range of a square to her natal Venus for several weeks. Saturn brings restrictions and hard-to-face realities. The square aspect forces us to do things we’d rather not. Venus is the place in the horoscope where we honor our connections with other people. With this aspect Paltrow was forced to face the fact that her marriage was failing.

This breakup is a perfect example of a conflict between the relationship wish lists of Mars and Venus and the relationship needs of the Sun sign. Paltrow has Venus in Leo. She was predisposed to want a partner who was in some way special, powerful or famous. So she married a famous rock star (Chris Martin of Coldplay).

Paltrow’s Mars is in Virgo. Mars is Virgo is practical and self-sufficient. The demands of her career and those of her husband meant that this couple had to spend a lot of time apart. That’s okay with Mars in Virgo. Mars in Virgo doesn’t require a lot of emotional support and in better able to adjust to a long distance arrangement than many other Mars signs.

But then there’s that Libra Sun sign, needing a sense of perfect partnership, needing that “other” to feel complete. At some point, the Libra person is going to balk at being left alone. He or she is going to start feeling cheated and dissatisfied. So, even though Paltrow had a marriage that satisfied her Mars/Venus wish list, it could not fulfill the needs of her Sun.

It seems that Paltrow and Martin have engineered a sensible break-up. They will continue to share parenting duties and work together for their welfare of their two children. This is not surprising. People with Mars in Virgo typically don’t let emotional issues distract them from the practical necessities of a relationship. And, of course, Venus in Leo will still have a connection to a famous ex-husband. In the meantime, Paltrow’s Libra Sun will be free to continue its search for the perfect partnership.

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