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Christopher Walken: An Aries Has Gotta Dance

During his long and very busy career in movies and on television, Christopher Walken has played a lot of characters, or maybe not. Maybe he’s only played two: the cool, dangerous tough guy and the quirky, slightly distracted nice guy. If you think about the parts Walken has played over the years, they all seem to come back to these two personas. Christopher Walken is always Christopher Walken.

The interesting thing about this, from an astrological point of view, is that neither of these characters have much to do with his Aries Sun sign. Mostly what we see in the parts Walken plays is his Moon in Aquarius and maybe a touch of Pluto. (We don’t have a birth time for Christopher Walken but, if I had to guess, I would say around 4 a.m. with Aquarius rising and the Moon in the 1st House opposite Pluto.) (Click here to see a highly speculative chart for Walken done for 4 a.m.)

Aquarius is always cool and, on occasion, can be cruel. They are individualists on a mission and anyone who gets in their way had better watch out. Aquarius is also prone to quirky and sometime strange behavior. They often seem laughably out of sync with expected social standards and expectations because, again, they are individualists on a mission. Whether Walken is playing a cold-hearted gangster or a nerdish loser, his Moon in Aquarius fairly well sums up the range of his acting.

However, Walken’s Sun in Aries is not totally forgotten. In many of Walken’s movies there is dancing. It may be only incidental to the plot, but it is there. Walken was trained as a dancer and he’s still pretty good at it. We often link Aries with sports, but dancing is also a way of expressing the Aries aspiration for excellence through physical movement. So it should come as no surprise that the Huffington Post has put together a montage of Christopher Walken’s dance moves that has gone viral on the Internet. (Click here to link to the video.) Finally, we get to see Christopher Walken being true to his Aries Sun sign.