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Astrology Meets March Madness: Sean Miller

I’m a big college basketball fan, so I thought it might be fun to take a look at the horoscopes of some of the coaches who are likely to figure prominently in this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Today I’m looking at the last of the number one seeds: Arizona’s Sean Miller.

Even though we don’t have birth time for Coach Miller, we can say that he is a Scorpio with the Moon in Libra. He is more socially adept that most Sun sign Scorpioes. He uses the power of his Scorpio personality to persuade and influence other people. Since his arrival at the University of Arizona, Miller has proven to be an excellent recruiter of talented young players. (You can read more about this combination of Sun and Moon signs in my new book, "Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology's Dynamic Duo.")

Once again we see an emphasis of Mars in Sean Miller horoscope. (Click here to see a horoscope for Sean Miller charted of noon.) Mars in his chart is conjunct Jupiter, Uranus and the South Node of the Moon. When Mars is strong in a chart, sports tend to loom large in the person’s life. This has certainly been the case with Miller.

However, Miller was not gifted with outstanding basketball skills. He held his own as the point guard at the University of Pittsburgh back in the 90s through his superior knowledge of the game. After his college playing days were over, Miller used this knowledge to advance through the coaching ranks. He eventually found his way into a head coaching position at Xavier University. After taking his Xavier team deep into the 2009 NCAA tournament, he was offered the job at Arizona.

Miller found the basketball program at Arizona somewhat in disarray. True to his Scorpio nature, the coach didn’t go looking for a quick fix. Instead, he worked hard to stabilize the program, to bring in good players and develop a culture of winning. His hard work paid off this season with the Wildcats entering the tournament as a one seed and on many people’s “brackets” as a likely contender in the Final Four.

I am not so optimistic about Coach Miller’s chances of advancing far into the tournament. For one thing, his Sun is in a close conjunction with Neptune. This provides him with superior intuition and a deep sense of spirituality, but it also can result in a lack of focus and a tendency to pursue illusionary goals. In the heated battles Miller is likely to face in the tournament, this failing could be costly.

Also, the closest transit Miller has going on during the next couple of weeks is a wide conjunction of Saturn to his natal Sun. Even though this aspect is not close and will not be exact until much later in the year, it could bring about a loss of vitality and a lapse of confidence. Such a stumble, even in the mildest form, would be disastrous in a close game.

Like Coach Tony Bennett, Miller has a long-standing fortunate aspect in his secondary progressed horoscope. His secondary progressed Jupiter is continuing its conjunction with his natal Mars. The good fortune from this aspect as certainly helped Miller make his way in the coaching world and establish himself as the beloved leader of the Arizona program. And it will continue for several more years. So, no matter how Miller’s Wildcats fare in this year’s tournament, Miller will not be going away.

That completes my articles on the coaches of the four number one seeds in the tournament. Let’s wait a few days and see who is left standing. In the meantime, we welcome your observations and suggestions.

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