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Astrology Meets March Madness: Tony BennettTBennettImage

I’m a big college basketball fan, so I thought it might be fun to take a look at the horoscopes of some of the coaches who are likely to figure prominently in this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Today I’m going to consider Tony Bennett, the head coach of the University of Virginia Cavaliers.

Again we have a horoscope with no time of birth and one in which the Moon changes signs (from Sagittarius to Capricorn), but there are still interesting points to discuss. In particular, we have the strong opposition between Bennett’s Sun and his Mars. (Click here to see a horoscope for Coach Bennett charted for noon.)

It is interesting that all of the coaches we’ve covered so far have had horoscopes dominated by opposition aspects featuring either Mars or the Sun. Billy Donovan has Mars opposed to Saturn and Gregg Marshall had the Sun opposed to Pluto.

The Sun is associated with vitality, courage, leadership and (sometimes) egotism. Mars is associated with physical activity, sports, competitiveness and (sometimes) belligerence. So finding strong aspects to the Sun and Mars in the horoscopes of basketball coaches comes as no surprise.

It is also not surprising that Bennett was a stand-out athlete. He set scoring records during his college career and played a few seasons in the NBA. Any time you put Mars and the Sun together, even in a stressful aspect, you get the potential for athletic excellence. People with this aspect have an over-abundance of physical energy and they thrive is situations in which they are allowed to put it to use. They are also extremely competitive.

What is surprising is the other typical interpretation of this aspect. Typically people with Sun opposed to Mars have a difficult relationship with their father and other male authority figures. Bennett, however, played for his father in college and worked as an assistant to his father when the elder Bennett was the head coach and the University of Wisconsin and Washington State University. Tony Bennett took over the job at Washington when his father retired.

So, the typical interpretation of Mars oppose the Sun doesn’t seem to work in this case. However, what astrology does tell us is that, beneath the surface, Bennett feels he is competing against his father. He is driven by a deep need to surpass the accomplishments of his father. After he took over the job at Washington, Bennett took that team to the NCAA tournament and was voted Coach of the Year in 2007. He moved to The University of Virginia in 2009 and has excelled there. Of course, winning a national championship would be the clincher in this secret competition.

Tony Bennett is the only coach we’ve covered so far who has a “lucky” aspect going on during the tournament. In his secondary progressed horoscope, Jupiter is moving slowly across his natal Uranus. This is an aspect typically results in good fortune, but it has been going on for a long time, actually for Bennett’s entire life. He has been an exceedingly fortunate man (at least in one area of his life) and this good luck is likely to continue for a few more years.

However, I’m not so sure that this good fortune is going to make Virginia this year’s champion. Since I don’t see any supporting aspects in the partial horoscope I have, I suspect that Virginia’s ACC championship and number one seeding may the peak of this year’s lucky streak.

Who are your picks for the Final Four? We always appreciate your comments and suggestions.


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