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Astrology Meets March Madness: Billy DonovanImageBDonovan

I’m a big college basketball fan, so I thought it might be fun to take a look at the horoscopes of some of the coaches who are likely to figure prominently in this year’s NCAA tournament. We’ll start with the coach for the overall number one seed in the tournament, Florida’s Billy Donovan.

Donovan is a Gemini by Sun sign and he might also have the Moon in Gemini. (Click here to see a chart done for Noon.) However, I’m guessing that Donovan was born in the early morning when the Moon was in Taurus. So I’m not going to talk about Donovan’s Sun and Moon combination.

Instead, I want to talk about the two dominant aspects in Donovan’s chart. First, we have a close square aspect between Donovan’s Sun and his Uranus. This is a dynamic aspect, one that foretells sudden and dramatic changes in a person’s life.

 In Donovan’s case, those changes have mostly been for the better.  After a stellar college career, he spent some time in the NBA and then began a quick rise through the coaching ranks. During his tenure as Florida’s basketball coach, Donovan has won more games than any coach in the school’s history and he has become one of the highest paid college coaches in the country.

The other aspect involves Donovan’s Mars, which is conjunct his Pluto and opposed to his Saturn. This is an aspect of toughness. Donovan has had a history of rising through adversity. He did not begin his career as a college player as a star. He got very little playing time during his first two years at Providence College. But, Donovan worked hard to develop himself physically. This effort paid off in 1987 when he led the surprising Providence Friars to the Final Four.

The interesting thing about this opposition aspect is that it describes a bone-deep conservatism that runs counter to tendencies toward risk-taking that we generally see with Uranus square the Sun. These two conflicting trends were tested in 2007 when, after winning back-to-back national championships at Florida, Donovan was offered a coaching job in the NBA.

Donovan first seemed ready to make the jump from college basketball to the big stage, and then he used his prerogative as a Gemini and changed his mind. The internal struggle between Uranus (never turn down an opportunity to do something new) and Saturn (stick with what you know) must have been fierce, but Saturn’s path proved to be the right choice for Donovan.

This year Donovan enters the NCAA tournament with a very impressive team. They have a 32 and 2 record and have not lost a game since December. However, I don’t see anything indicating a big win in Donovan's horoscope. In fact, there’s not much going on at all in either his transits or his secondary progressions. Considering the outstanding year this team has already had, I have to believe that there are aspects involving Donovan’s Ascendant or Midheaven which I can’t see without a time of birth.

What these aspects are and whether or not they will take Donovan to another NCAA championship will have to remain a mystery, (unless someone digs up and publishes Billy Donovan’s birth certificate). The only thing I can say for sure is that Donovan won’t lose because of a lack of toughness.

So do you have a favorite team in the NCAA tournament? Would you like to suggest a coach for my next article? I plan on continuing this series through the tournament.

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