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Father Sun, Mother Moon and Kanye WestKanyeWestImage

To celebrate the launch of my new book, "Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo", (see the ad on the right side of the home page) I'm looking at the Sun/Moon combinations of some people in the news. Today we’re going to consider Kanye West. (Click here to see a West’s horoscope done for noon.)

Kanye West is a Gemini by Sun sign. In "Father Sun, Mother Moon" I point out that Geminis always “do well in fields requiring extraordinary communication skills.” Kanye makes his living though his facility with words. In a past age, West might have been a poet scribbling away in a garret. In this modern era he’s a rapper performing on a stage.

We should note that West’s Sun is in a conjunction with Jupiter. Geminis always enjoy showing off their cleverness and verbal prowess, but this aspect with Jupiter expands the ego functions of the Sun. There is a lot of pride and self-confidence here. This is a Gemini who is not going to accept second place in any area of life.

To go along with his Gemini Sun, West has the Moon in Pisces. Of this combination of the Sun and Moon signs I say, ““You are one of the most creative Sun sign Geminis. You are constantly absorbing ideas, rethinking them, rearranging them and making something new.” The Moon in Pisces is sensitive, emotionally vulnerable and extremely artistic. West is attuned to his environment and the people around him but he can be overly emotional and explosive.

Both Gemini and Pisces are Mutable signs. In “astrology speak” that mean they share the same Quality. This can be a good or a bad thing.
 The main characteristics of Mutable signs are unpredictability and the ability to change direction very quickly. West fully embraces the necessity of change. This allows him the surf the ever-changing seas of pop culture and find novel ways of expressing himself. His greatest strength is his flexibility, his ability to assume different identities at different times.

The problem with this constant shifting is that the Mutable sign person may occasionally shoot off in directions that are are decidedly wrong. There is an absence of standards, a lack of firm rules of behavior and responsibility. This can cause the person to seem lost in some cases, and in others completely selfish.

This makes the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter even more important. As I said, Jupiter conjunct the Sun expands the ego. That expansion can be lateral (meaning “Okay World, make more room for me”), or it can be upward, (meaning, “I want to search for truth, wisdom and a higher purpose”.)

West has certainly shown a lot of the former attitude during the course of his career, but I think he also has inclinations toward the latter. The more West chooses to follow this path, the more he will get out his combination of the Sun and the Moon.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy of "Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo". If you have any comments on the book, feel free to leave them here or, better yet, write a review on Amazon.

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