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Father Sun, Mother Moon and Ellen Degeneres

To celebrate the launch of my new book, "Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo", (see the ad on the right side of the home page) I am looking that the Sun/Moon combinations of some people in the news. Today we’re going to consider Ellen Degeneres. (Click here to be linked to Degeneres’ horoscope in Astrodatabank.)

Degeneres is an Aquarius by Sun sign and her Aquarian qualities are easy to see. She is a unique individual who has never backed away from controversy. As I say in "Father Sun, Mother Moon", “Aquarians are not afraid to be different.” In many ways, Degeneres has made being “different” the key to her success.

The Moon is in Aries in Degeneres’ horoscope. With the Moon in Aries, she could never be the sedate, Aquarian intellectual. She needs to be active, to put her ideas into motion. It’s no surprise that in her youth Degeneres was a star tennis player. She is a natural competitor for whom physical activity is a means to inner harmony.

Aquarius is not afraid to be different and Aries is not afraid of anything, so there is a lot of courage coming from this combination of the Sun and Moon signs. Degeneres needed all of that courage back in 1997 when she “came out” as gay.

At the time Degeneres was the star of successful television sitcom. As the character she played in the show changed to reflect her own open homosexuality, the rating dropped. A lot of people seemed to feel that Ellen was “flaunting” her alternate lifestyle, and she received a lot of negative press. The show was cancelled the next year.

In "Father Sun, Mother Moon" I say of this combination, “you may not win the battle but, with your big ideas to back you up, you are confident that you will eventually win the war.” Of course, Degeneres did win the war. Openly gay characters on primetime television shows are commonplace nowadays. Both Aquarius and Aries tend to be trailblazers, and together these two signs can’t help but push back against the status quo.

Meanwhile, Ellen Degeneres has come back with an award winning daytime talk show and, this year, was the host at the Oscars. She is one of the most popular figures on television today. This is all come about because she had the courage (Aries Moon) to be herself (Aquarius Sun.)

And by the way, thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy of "Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo". If you have any comments on the book, feel free to leave them here or, better yet, write a review on Amazon.