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Father Sun, Mother Moon, and Ted NugentNugentImage

To celebrate the launching of my new book, “Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo” (now available as a paperback book and Kindle version), I’m going to look at the combinations of the Sun and Moon signs of some people in the news. Let’s start with a guy who has let his mouth get him into a lot of trouble recently, musician and self-appointed political guru, Ted Nugent. (Click here to see a chart for Nugent done for noon on his birthday.)

Nugent is a Sagittarian by Sun sign. No surprise there. Sagittarians are noted for their penchant for saying more than they should. As I point out in "Father Sun, Mother Moon", “Sagittarians are known for speaking their minds. This is fine, except for those times when they start speaking before their minds are properly engaged.” This would appear to be Nugent’s problem.

Along with his Sagittarian Sun sign, Nugent has the Moon in Taurus. In one sense, this is a good combination. The Moon in Taurus acts as sort of an anchor on the Sagittarian “full speed ahead” lifestyle. Nugent’s Taurus Moon makes him more practical and more attentive to the things of the earth. Nugent’s advocacy of hunting and life in the outdoors comes out of the combination of his Sagittarian love of freedom and openness with his Moon in Taurus appreciation of the physical.

However, not everything about this combination is positive. People with the Sun in Sagittarius need to believe in something, and they tend to express those beliefs and ideals with a lot of fire and intensity. However, Sagittarians are typically open-minded with regard to their belief systems and flexible in the way they apply them. They are agreeable zealots who express their opinions forcefully without necessarily demeaning the opinions of others.

The Moon in Taurus works against this open-mindedness. With the Moon in Taurus, beliefs and ideals have to be fixed and unmovable. These fixed points of reference are necessary for the individual’s emotional security. For this reason, logic and rational arguments don’t seem to matter. (Even in a practical Earth sign like Taurus, the Moon can be appallingly deaf to reason.)

 What I say about this combination in "Father Sun, Mother Moon" is, “These fixed ideals will often get in the way of your genial and free-wheeling nature. They can make you a hard person to deal with  stubborn, unreasonable and preachy.”

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. When the Sagittarian with the Moon in Taurus chooses beliefs that are an apt expression of their Sun sign’s higher mind and general love of life, that stubbornness can be transformed into courage and strength of will. As with everything in astrology, it all comes down to the choices we make.

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