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The Astrology of the 2014 Oscar Race: Leonardo DiCaprioDiCaprioImage

Leonardo DiCaprio began his acting career as a teenage heartthrob and then moved on to become every girl’s dream date (except for the ride home) in Titanic. But with the Sun, Mars and Venus in Scorpio and Saturn trine the Sun, it was a sure thing that this actor was going to really distinguish himself in deeper, meatier roles, which he certainly has. This is DiCaprio’s fourth Oscar nomination and his third for Best Actor. This year he was nominated for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street.

With Virgo Rising and a Libra Moon in his First House, DiCaprio is able to conceal the obsessive power of all that stuff in Scorpio behind a combination of low key earthiness and affable charm, but his is quite definitely a formidable personality. He is a person who is very serious about getting what he wants out of life and skilled at getting people to give it to him gladly. (Click here to see DiCaprio’s horoscope.)

With his Mars in Scorpio trine Jupiter, Dicaprio’s strength of will is matched by his physical stamina. This is proven by his recent productiveness. Within the last several months he has been seen as the villain in D’jango Unchained, the eponymous hero in The Great Gatsby and the lead in The Wolf of Wall Street. People with Jupiter trine Mars like the challenge of a “full plate.” The motto here is, “go big or not at all”.

So will going “big” get DiCaprio his first Oscar? When I first matched DiCaprio’s horoscope against the chart for Oct. 2, I didn’t see much happening for him. Then I realized that the square between transiting Jupiter and transiting Uranus that is extremely close on that night is placed so that Uranus is in DiCaprio’s 7th House and Jupiter is in his 10th.

The 10th House is the sector of career. It is where me make our mark in the world and realize our ambitions with regard to our role in society. This aspect energized that part of DiCaprio's horoscope. It not all “good” energy since the aspect is a square. The potential for excess and over-shooting one’s mark is certainly there. But it does fit in nicely with the symbolism of DiCaprio’s natal Mars to Jupiter trine.

In DiCaprio’s secondary progressed horoscope, the Sun and Mercury are on his I.C. This is the point at the bottom of the circle opposite the Midheaven, a very important angle. Having the secondary progressed Sun moving across the I.C. is not a powerful an indicator as having it on the Midheaven or Ascendant, but it is still a good omen for success.

With these aspects DiCaprio has a chance of slipping in as a surprise winner in this contest. (I say “surprise” because everything involving Uranus tends to catch us by surprise.) Jupiter and Uranus together indicate luck and the way they are placed in DiCaprio’s horoscope is uniquely fortunate. So, if he does win the Oscar, expect some people to complain that it was a fluke and that other actors deserved it more. But isn't that said every year?

This concludes my series on the Oscars. As always, we welcome comments and suggestions. Who do you think will win the big prize?

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