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The Astrology of the 2014 Oscar Race: Chiwetel EjioforEjioforImage

Chiwetel Ejiofor has been nominated for his role in what is probably the most talked about film of 2013, 12 Years a Slave. It is his first nomination.

We do not have a time of birth for Ejiofor so I will be using a horoscope charted for noon on his birthday. (Click here to see this partial horoscope.) Unfortunately, the most interesting aspects in this chart involve the Moon and, without a time of birth, the Moon’s position can only be stated approximately. An early morning birth would have the Moon opposed to Uranus, while a birth at noon or later would put the Moon square to Saturn. The difference between the influences of these two aspect is huge, so I am limited in what I can say about his chart.

However, regardless of his time of birth, Ejiofor’s Sun is Cancer and his Moon is in Taurus. A Taurus Moon generally works well with a Cancer Sun. Cancer people often get lost inside their own subjectivity. They make judgments based solely on their personal experiences and irrational fears. A Taurus Moon counters this tendency with a dose of practicality and calm realism. A Cancer with a Taurus Moon is better able to see the world has it is and approach problems in a firm and rational manner.

I’ve seen reports that say that Chiwetel Ejiofor is the odds on favorite to win this year’s Academy Award for Best Actor. If he does, however, it will be because of some factor that is not apparent in the partial horoscope I am using here. In fact, Ejiofor has some of the worst aspects of any of the contenders I’ve examined so for.

On Oscar night transiting Neptune will be square his natal Sun, an aspect of unrealized dreams; and Saturn will be opposite his natal Mars. The later aspect is off by over a degree but Saturn will be stationing (starting its retrograde motion relative to the Earth) on that day and this makes the planet particularly malefic.

On March 2 transiting Jupiter will be squaring transiting Uranus. This is an aspect that has been going on for a while, but it will almost exact on this night. Pluto in Ejiofor’s horoscope is positioned so that it will be opposed to Uranus and square to Jupiter. This tells me that Ejiofor will feel a great deal of pressure during the Oscar ceremony and that he may not react well to it.

As always with a partial horoscope, I have to add the disclaimer that there could be positive factors that I cannot see without a time of birth. However, those positive factors would have to be pretty dramatic to outweigh all the negative stuff I am seeing in Ejiofor’s chart for that fateful night.

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