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The Astrology of the 2014 Oscar Race: Matthew McConaugheyMcConaugheyImage

Now that I gone through all the nominees for the Academy Award for Best Actress, it’s time to look at the nominees for Best Actor, starting with Matthew McConaughey. McConaughey has been nominated for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. It is his first nomination.

McConaughey’s horoscope is a document of contrasts. Air signs seem to dominate, with Gemini on the Ascendant, Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Libra. These are “cool” signs that tend to gloss over emotions and approach the world in a playful and detached manner. The fact that McConaughey has the Moon in Virgo, the most aloof and intellectual of the Earth signs, only adds to the Air sign bias. (Click here to see McConaughey's horoscope.)

But then we see the Sun hiding out in Scorpio, that mysterious and famously deep Water sign. That’s when we realize that, behind all that Air sign glibness and easy-going charm, there is a serious person.  Scorpios can’t be satisfied skating across the surface of information and they don’t accept the intellect as the final answer. They have to go beneath the surface and find the emotional roots of the problem.

This sort of explains the trajectory of McConaughey career as an actor. For many years he was known only for romantic comedies. He got by on his looks and his infectious Texan accent. Then, in late 2012, (just after transiting Saturn opposed his natal Saturn) folks began to comment on the McConaughey’s radical weight lose. The guy who was once voted the "Sexiest Man Alive" was looking like a bean pole. People wondered what was going on.

What was happening, of course, was that McConaughey was losing weight in order to play an A.I.D.S. sufferer in Dallas Buyers Club. Around this time some other movies were released that had the actor portraying darker and more complex characters. McConaughey had finally decided to show the world his Scorpio Sun. And it seems the world was happy to see it.

It’s already been a good year for Matthew McConaughey. He has been praised for his supporting roles in Mud and The Wolf of Wall Street and he won a Golden Globe for Dallas Buyers Club. Will his good fortune continue?

I think it could. On Oscar night the transiting Sun will be opposite McConaughey’s natal Moon. Since the Sun is moving through his 10th House of career, this gives us a strong hint that his talents will be affirmed on this evening. Also, transiting Pluto is trine McConaughey’s Moon and sextile his Sun. These are good aspects from a planet that doesn’t always bring us good things. I think it foretells a transformative event. Whatever happens on that night will be part of a total restructuring of McConaughey’s life.

McConaughey’s secondary progressed horoscope also looks good. His progressed Jupiter is currently square his natal Mars. Jupiter is a planet that promises good fortune, but since its square (a stressful aspect) to Mars, it also indicates physical challenges and extreme behavior, (such as losing 40 pounds for a role.)

The main reason I think McConaughey has a good shot at winning the Oscar, however, is the fact that he seems to have made the commitment to take a different approach to his career during a Saturn passage. When Saturn hits one of these significant aspects, we are challenged to make the right decision and, if we answer that challenge, we are typically rewarded for the effort.

What do you think of McConaughey’s chances of winning the Oscar? We always appreciated your comments.

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