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The Astrology of the 2014 Oscar Race: Judi DenchDenchImage

Judi Dench’s stellar career as an actress was well underway long before most of her competitors for Best Actress were born. Surprisingly, she has only been nominated seven times and has only one win, for Best Supporting Actress in Shakespeare in Love. Of course, for that win, Dench only required a few minutes on the screen in heavy make-up playing an aged Queen Elizabeth I to claim the prize.

This year Dench has been nominated for her role in Philomena.

It’s unfortunate that we do not have a time of birth for Judi Dench. Hers is one of those charts in which the position of the Moon is crucial, and it is impossible to know the Moon’s precise placement without a birth time. (Click here to see a horoscope for Dench charted for noon.)

What we can see is that Dench is a fun-loving Sagittarian by Sun sign and that her Sun is square Neptune. Even though Neptune is associated with motion pictures, this is not the kind of aspect we typically associate with the glitz and glamour of a film star. Dench got her start on the British stage and then moved to British television. She was in her 60s by the time she became know to American audiences through such films as Shakespeare in Love and the James Bond series.

On the night of the Academy Awards Dench will be in the midst of an important Saturn transit. Transiting Saturn (Saturn in the sky at that time) will be square her natal Saturn. When Saturn forms an angular aspect to its natal place it marks an important time in a person’s life. (I write about this in my book: Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life.) The problem is that, particularly with Saturn passages late in life, the impact of these changes can be more personal than public.

Dench has reached a time in her life in which the typical benchmarks of achievement may not matter in the same way as they would for a younger person. She is not building a career. She is closing one and, even though an Academy Award might seem like a great way of capping off a rich and varied career, it might not be kind to change Dench is looking for.

Also, the other aspects to Dench’s horoscope on Oscar night are not at all conducive to a good time. Neptune will be square her Mercury, indicating confusion and misplace priorities, and Mars will be closing on a square to her natal Pluto, an aspect of frustration and pent up anger. On top of this, Dench’s secondary progressed Mars is forming a square to her natal Moon. This is an aspect indicating pain and/or physical injury.

Even with all these negative aspects, I still think that there’s chance that Saturn will come through for Dench. When Saturn makes one of these important aspects we often receive praise and rewards, the affirmation of society, for a job well done. The Academy Award certain fits this category. Much depends on some things we don’t know. First, what Dench’s complete horoscope (with a time of birth) looks like and, secondly, what she really thinks winning the Oscar would mean to her.

What do you think about Dench’s chances of winning an Oscar? Do you think the judges will be swayed by her age and her long, illustrious career? As always, your comments are welcome.

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