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The Astrology of the 2014 Oscar Race: Meryl Streep

In my last article on Sandra Bullock, I said that Bullock was familiar with the Academy Awards ceremony. Meryl Streep practically lives there. She’s been nominated 18 times and she has won three times, twice for best actress (in 1982 for Sophie’s Choice and in 2011 for The Iron Lady). It’s fair to say that Streep is one of the most acclaimed actresses of our time.

This year Steep has been nominated for her role in Osage County.

The astrologers of ancient times took a very simple approach. They broke the planets down into “good guys” and “bad guys”. Mars and Saturn were the “bad guy” while Venus and Jupiter were the “good guys” (or girls, if you prefer.) These two planets brought good fortune and popularity. In my last article, we saw that Sandra Bullock has Venus on the Ascendant. Meryl Steep has Jupiter on the opposite angle of the horoscope, the Descendant. (Click here to see Streep’s chart.)

Another interesting feature of Meryl Steep’s horoscope is the extremely close (within one minute of the arc) conjunction of her Sun with Uranus on the first degree of Cancer. This is a powerful placement for the Sun, providing for a strong ego and a unique personality. The combination is made even stronger, and more benevolent, by the fact that the Sun and Uranus are in a quincunx aspect with her angular Jupiter.

With a horoscope like this, Meryl Streep would be a hard person to beat in any contest. She has a strong desire to stand out, to be the best, and she is willing to give her all (and then some) to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, there is not much going on in her horoscope this Oscar season. The most promising aspect is a conjunction of Venus to her Jupiter, but this off by a couple of degrees. More important, this one bit of good news is offset by a lot of bad news in Streep’s secondary progressed chart.

Steep’s secondary progressed Sun is just separating from a conjunction with her natal Saturn. (Remember what I said about Mars and Saturn being the “bad guys”.) Meanwhile, her secondary progressed Saturn has moved into a long-lasting square to her natal Mars and her secondary progressed Mars is square the natal Nodes of the Moon. Streep might have a pleasant time on Oscar night, but the long term astrological prognosis for her is rather bleak. There is a strong possibility for a health crisis or a serious financial reversal. Otherwise, these aspects indicate a period of low vitality, self-criticism and a sense of futility.

I haven’t seen Osage County but, given her past accomplishments, I don’t doubt that Streep’s performance is Oscar worthy, and in most years she would be the leading contender. This year will be different. Astrologically, I would give Streep only an outside chance, just because of the conjunction of Venus to her Jupiter. However, even if she wins, her victory would be quickly overshadowed by less fortunate events.

Once again, I invite your comments and predictions about the Oscars.


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