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The Astrology of the 2014 Oscar Race: Sandra BullockSBullockImage

Sandra Bullock is hardly a stranger to this awards ceremony. She won the Academy Award in 2010 for her performance in the 2009 hit, The Blind Side. This time she has been nominated for her role in Gravity. Let’s see what’s going on in her horoscope this year.

I did an article on Bullock awhile back (click here to see that article) in which I discussed the influence of Saturn in her horoscope, but there are lot of other things going on in this chart. (Click here to see Bullock’s horoscope.) Like Amy Adams, Bullock has her Sun in Leo. Also like Adams, Venus is accented in Bullock’s horoscope. She has both Venus and Mars in Gemini conjunct her Ascendant. Glamour has never been a big part of Bullock’s appeal. (Neptune is not aspected by Venus.) Likability has been Bullock’s key to success. That’s what having Venus in the Ascendant brings her.

When Bullock won the Oscar back in 2010, her secondary progressed Venus was closing on a conjunction with her natal Sun. On the night of the ceremony the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus were all in her 10th House of career. Moreover, Mercury and benevolent Jupiter were in a conjunction, signifying good news. That night everything was going Bullock’s way.

Things are different this year. Her secondary progressed Venus is beginning to separate from it conjunction with her Sun. (No need to mourn. Bullock has got a lot of good mileage out of that aspect.) The Sun is in her 10th House again (as it will be for everyone born with Gemini rising) but only shifty Neptune joins it there, and Neptune is conjunct her Midheaven. Neptune on the Midheaven indicates that one’s career goals are currently unfocused or confused.

There are some other factors to consider, but none of them cry out, “This is a winner!”  Overall, I’m doubtful as to Bullock’s chances of picking up a second Oscar this year.

What do you think about Bullock’s chances? Your input is always appreciated.

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