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The Horoscope of Kim Jong-unKimJeong-unImage

One thing that came out of Dennis Rodman singing happy birthday to the ruler of North Korea is that now we know Kim Jong-un’s date of birth. This allows us astrologers to construct a partial horoscope. It is far from the whole story, but it does give us some insights into this illusive and seemingly erratic leader. (Click here to see a horoscope charted for noon on Kim’s birthday.)

The first thing we see in the chart of Kim Jong-un is that he has the Sun in Capricorn. In my book, Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo, I write that this combination of the Sun sign and Moon sign provides for an enormous capacity for focus and will-power. A Sun sign Capricorn is practical and always has a plan. A Moon sign Scorpio can become obsessed with control. Put them together and you have a personality that is must never be taken lightly.

When Kim first came to power in Dec. 2011, many western observers thought he might become a mere figurehead for political apparatus set up by his father. Since then Kim has made it clear that he alone wields the power in North Korea. The execution of his uncle in Dec. 2013 was apparently part of a coordinated effort by Kim to remove his father’s cronies from his government and replace them with people who are loyal only to him.

Another outstanding feature in Kim Jeong-un’s chart is the square between Saturn and his Venus and Mercury. When I saw this I immediately thought of the horoscope of Adolf Hitler, which features a close square between Saturn and Venus and Mars. (Click here to see that chart.)

Saturn confines and concentrates. It closes off the more natural expression of the energies of a planet and forces that energy to emerge with great force is some other area of life. In Hitler’s case, the sexual passion of Mars and Venus were channeled into his rhetoric and the passion with which he expressed his demented ideology. For Kim, the expression will be more intellectual and less fiery. He is a plotter, a person who mistrusts most of the people around him and desperately needs to always stay mentally one step ahead of everyone else.

Kim has Jupiter is a nice sextile aspect to both Venus and Mercury. This aspect sweetens his nature and can, at times, make him seem sentimental and open-hearted. But sextile aspects are always going to be secondary to squares. Jupiter may make Kim seems jolly and a little self-indulgent at times, but in won’t curb the darker mechanics of his Saturn driven intellect.

The closed nature of the North Korean regime makes it difficult to time events in Kim’s life. We do know that in Jan. 2013 the young leader suddenly declared martial law and order the resumption of nuclear testing. He also issued threats against the United States, saying that he had plans to attack American cities. These events occurred just a couple of months after Saturn squared Kim’s natal Saturn. At the time, observers wondered if this sudden militancy was connected to a power struggle within the government, a power struggle that could have reached a critical point during this Saturn passage.

Again, we are dealing with only a partial horoscope, so it is difficult to see what transits and progression will be influencing Kim in the near future. One thing that can be said, however, is that this Korean dictator will be experiencing some major changes in his life in 2015, when transiting Uranus squares his natal Sun. This is the kind of aspect that could push an obsessive and insecure leader into take risks, overextend his power and letting his obsessions take over his practical Capricorn nature.