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Justin Bieber in 2014

Last March I wrote an article on Justin Bieber and the secondary progressions that were impacting his horoscope. The chief problem for Bieber at that time was the slow movement of his secondary progressed Mars over his natal Sun. I predicted that the problems that Bieber was experiencing at that time would continue. And, of course, they have.(Click here to see a horoscope for Justin Bieber.)

When Mars and the Sun get together we often see an emphasis on the masculine. This certainly describes a lot of what this pop star has been doing, showing off his abs, committing acts of vandalism, and generally embracing his inner thug.  At a certain level, this could be seen as a rite of passage for a young man. It’s just that, for Bieber, this painful passage into manhood is being played out on an international stage.

In my last article on Bieber I also mentioned the conjunction of transiting Neptune to his natal Saturn. Saturn is the planet that makes the rules and, with Neptune on it, Bieber is having trouble taking those rules seriously. Neptune makes its last exact connection to Bieber’s Saturn this month and, as might be expected, the youngster is in hot water again because a guest in his house was busted for drugs.

Neptune will become less of a factor in Bieber’s chart after January and two new aspects enter the picture. The first is the conjunction of Bieber’s secondary progressed Mercury to his natal Saturn. This is another slow aspect that will take a couple of years to complete. It will set the stage for lazy thinking, monumental misjudgments and periods of depression.

The influence of a secondary progressed aspect generally doesn’t show itself until it is triggered by a transiting aspect. In Bieber’s case, there is a huge transiting aspect coming up in his horoscope at the end of this year. Transiting Saturn will cross his natal Ascendant.

This aspect is part of one of the two Saturn cycles I talk about a lot in these blogs, and which I explain in detail in my book Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life. When Saturn crosses the Ascendant it is time to take a hard look at who you really are; and with his secondary progressed Mercury on his natal Saturn, Bieber is not going to like what he sees.

The combination of these two aspects will bring a major restructuring of the image that Justin Bieber seeks to present to the world. There could be a retreat from the public arena, or a sudden decline in his creative output. This will likely be accompanied by intense self-criticism and a turn toward dark, self-destructive thoughts.  Bieber will get the first taste of this in Dec. 2014. It will really get into gear in the summer of 2015, with the aspect comes around again.

Complicating all of this is the fact that Bieber has Scorpio Rising with Pluto very near his Ascendant. Scorpio is a sign predisposed to depression and obsessive thinking. This could make the transit of Saturn across his Ascendant (and natal Pluto) even darker and more troublesome. He may have a feeling of being trapped and unable to communicate what he is really thinking.

If Scorpio and Pluto had a motto, it would be: Go deep or go home. So far, Bieber has been playing with the surface of Scorpio. He be acting like a tough guy and flaunting his pop star power. At some point this young man is going to have to take this search for toughness to a deeper level and find out what real strength and real power are all about. If he make this journey on his own, then the universe will find a way to take him there, and that’s not going to be pleasant trip.