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Charlize Theron and Sean PennTheronImage2

A lot of people are talking about the beauty and the beast hook-up between Charlize Theron and Sean Penn.  Let’s do a Mars/Venus Compatibility Analysis and see where this relationship is going..

Sean Penn, born Aug. 17, 1960, with Mars in Gemini with Venus in Virgo, The Technician of Real Love
Charlize Theron, born Aug. 7, 1975, with Mars in Taurus with Venus in Virgo, The Naked Sensualist

His Venus in Virgo with Her Venus in Virgo
Relationship between Zodiac Signs—Conjunction (implies agreement)
These are two people who totally understand each other on an emotional level. They both need their own space and neither has much patience with cloying sentimentality. At the same time, they both seek to express affection in physical terms, both sexually and in practical acts of service.
Love Factor (0 to 10) = 10

His Mars in Gemini with Her Mars in Taurus
Relationship between Zodiac Signs—Semi-Sextile (implies a lack of common ground)
She is more sensual when it comes to sex, while his sex drive tends to be more intellectual. She wants a stable relationship and a reliable source of sexual gratification. He needs to experiment and can become bored in a relationship that is too settled.
Lust Factor (0 to 10) = 3

His Mars in Gemini with Her Venus in Virgo
Relationship between Zodiac Signs— Square (implies conflict)
This will be an extremely passionate relationship on physical level, but there will be tendency for each to get on the other’s nerves when they’re not in the bedroom. Conflict can be avoided, or at least mineralized, if each allows the other sufficient emotional space.
Love Factor (0 to 10) = 5
Lust Factor (0 to 10) = 8

His Venus in Virgo with Her Mars in Taurus
Relationship between Zodiac Signs— Trine (implies agreement)
Both of these people place a high value on physical pleasure and they both take a practical, almost quantitative approach to sex. How much pleasure can I get for this much emotional outlay? The relationship can prosper as long as neither feels he or she is being short-changed.
Love Factor (0 to 10) = 8
Lust Factor (0 to 10) = 9

Total Love Factor (0- 30) = 23
Total Lust Factor (0-30) = 20

Mars and Venus Summary

Both Penn and Theron are Leos by Sun sign. Relationships between Leos are always difficult. Leo needs an audience, and unless one of the parties is willing to sit back and applaud now and again, there will be conflict. Penn has already had a failed marriage with a Leo woman (Madonna). However, this matchup is more hopeful because of the planetary connections between the charts. (Click here to see a horoscope charted for noon for Sean Penn. Click here for one for Charlize Theron)

Theron’s Venus in not just in the same sign as Penn’s, it is almost on the same degree. This is an excellent indicator of compatibility. However, Theron’s Venus is also in a square by aspect to Penn’s Mars. What I said about passion and conflict when comparing the signs goes double or even triple with a connection by aspect.

What’s good about this connection that the signs involved are Virgo and Gemini. With Virgo and Gemini, physical passion does not have to result in emotional passion. Again, these are people understand the need for personal space. Their intellects are not normally going to be ruled by their feelings. These qualities can off-set much of the explosive potential of the square between her Venus and his Mars.

Another important connection between these two charts is the square to Penn’s Sun by Theron’s Mars. These people will have intense disagreements and, when they fight, it won’t be a pretty sight. However, as odd as it might seem, these kinds of connections don’t always kill relationships, particular where there are Fire signs involved. The arguments become a part of the dynamic between the two people and keep everyone interested.

Since we do not have a time of birth for Penn or Theron, there are many factors important to compatibility that we cannot know. Still, I think there is reason to hopeful about this relationship. However, if it does go sour, given the square between Theron’s Mars and Penn’s Sun, you can count and loud and messy break-up.

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