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Demi Moore in 2014

In my last article I wrote about the very loud Saturn transit the Miley Cyrus had in 2013. Demi Moore also had an important encounter with Saturn last year, but it was much quieter. In Nov. 2012 transiting Saturn squared her natal Saturn. The aspect was exact again in Sept. 2013. Ashton Kutcher filed for divorce in Dec. 2012 (they had been separated since 2011) and the divorce was finalized in Nov. 2013. (Click here to see Demi Moore’s horoscope.)

The reason the divorce proceedings took so long was because Moore was demanding spousal support payments from Kutcher. This might seem odd since Moore’s net worth is substantially greater than that of her much younger ex-husband, but it’s not so odd when you realized that Moore is a Sun sign Scorpio with Venus in that sign.

If you plan to break up with a Scorpio, you’d better expect a battle. Scorpios tend to be a vengeful lot, and they will go after their pound of flesh, no matter what. It appears that Moore finally backed off on her financial demands, but she did manage to keep her ex-husband for advancing his new relationship with Mila Kunis for eight months.

In 2014 Moore’s horoscope is somewhat quieter. The main aspect is a conjunction of transiting Neptune to her Jupiter in the 12th House. The highest manifestation of this aspect would be a period of spiritual renewal, an exalted union of the mystical and the philosophical into transformative spiritual experience. You might even call it a stairway to heaven.

The lowest manifestation of the aspect would be a period of confusion and poor judgment. The person would be inclined to pursue principles that are philosophically unsound and morally questionable. One’s true purpose gets lost in a morass of ill-conceived ideas and self-indulgence.

My guess is that Moore will end up somewhere in between these two extremes, hopeful more toward the higher than the lower. This is not a particular crucial aspect for Moore, but she will need to watchful. In 2017 Saturn will cross her Midheaven and, at that point, the judgments (or misjudgments) she makes during this passage will be put to the test. If she fails to use this Neptune aspect to set positive spiritual goals, Saturn will exact a heavy price in 2017.

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