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Miley Cyrus in 2014Cyrus Image

In 2013 Miley Cyrus showed the world the power of a major Saturn transit. Cyrus had her age 21 square between transiting Saturn and her natal Saturn last year and she put aside her Disney branded child stardom in dramatic fashion and assumed a new professional image that is “adult” in the extreme.

When I wrote about Miley Cyrus last year her birth time was still somewhat in doubt. Now, thanks to the work of Frank Clifford, we have a confirmed birth time 4:19 PM. This gives us a chart with Taurus Rising and the Moon and Mercury in Scorpio. With this much emphasis on Scorpio it’s no wonder that image Cyrus is now projecting to the world is so blatantly sexual. Sexiness is one of Scorpio’s trademarks. (Click here to see the previous article and Cyrus’ chart.)

Cyrus has the Sun in Sagittarius. It is interesting that, in her quest to separate herself from her juvenile identity, Cyrus has chosen to emphasize the perpetual child that lives somewhere inside the soul of every Sun sign Sagittarian. The sexuality that Cyrus projects is playful, mischievous and carefree. It is sexuality without responsibility or consequences. It is the kind of “childish” sexuality that we often see in people born with the Sun (or Venus or Mars) in Sagittarius.

In my previous article on Miley Cyrus I described how both Pluto and Uranus would be impacting her natal Venus during 2014. I felt this would create a tumultuous situation with regard to relationships. Now I think the central problem for Cyrus will be bridging the gap between the “just for fun” sexuality that she has made a part of her public image and the very deep and serious emotional needs represented by her Scorpio Moon and her Mars in Cancer. Finding a way to meet those personal needs and still exploit her party girl persona is going to be the big issue for Miley Cyrus in 2014.

With Uranus square and Pluto conjunct her Venus, we are likely going see more extreme behavior from Cyrus in the coming in year. Taking things too far will probably result in more criticism for Cyrus, particularly in May and Sept when Saturn crosses her natal Moon. However, Cyrus has the Sun, Mercury and the Moon all crowded around her Descendant. This tells me that Cyrus has a rapport with the public that is going to be hard to break. She may do some stupid things, and individuals and groups may criticize her, but her popularity will remain intact.

Cyrus has a couple of things going for her in 2014. First of all, with earthy Taurus rising, crafty Mercury on the angle and a prominent Moon in conservative Scorpio, Cyrus’ actions are not nearly as spontaneous or thoughtless as they might appear. My guess is that she understands the business side of her professional aspiration as well as anyone around her.

The second thing that’s going her way is the fact that Cyrus’ secondary progressed Venus is moving close to her Midheaven. This indicates that the next few years will be relatively “lucky” for Cyrus. How she uses that luck is, of course, another question. It could become an excuse for self-indulgence. But, given the presence of practical Earth signs and cautious Water signs in her horoscope, I’m betting that she will make the most out of this period of good fortune.

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