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What 2014 Holds for Barack Obama

It’s probable that no one was happier to see 2013 end than President Obama. The first year of his second term proved to be a hard one, with a contentious budget fight, a war brewing in the Mideast and some serious problems with the launch of Obamacare. His popularity has slipped and he has been accused of lying to the American people about the impact of his health care plan.

I have to admit, I had expected a better year for the President. In his secondary progressed horoscope there are two nice aspects to his natal Moon. My thinking was that these aspects would protect Obama from negative influences but, instead, they seem to have led him into an attitude of complacency. (Click here to see Obama natal horoscope with his secondary progressed horoscope.

In my previous analysis of Obama’s chart I didn’t give enough attention to the square made by transiting Neptune to his natal Moon, or the slow advance of his secondary progressed Saturn into a square to his natal Mars. This latter aspect has grown tighter just as the square from Obama’s secondary progressed Mars to his natal Saturn (which plagued Obama during 2012) has begun to separate.

The square of Neptune to Obama’s natal Moon seems to have countered the secondary progressed aspects from the Sun and Venus that I saw as hopeful. Neptune’s influence has made it difficult for the President to communicate effectively with the public. His erroneous statements about everyone being able to keep their pre-Obamacare health plans are an excellent example of the way Neptune works. A blithe overstatement suddenly becomes a shameful falsehood.

The good news for Obama is that Neptune is currently making its last exact 90 degree contact with his Moon. His ability to reach out to public will become sharper and more credible after this aspect passes (at the end of January.) Meanwhile, transiting Uranus will be moving into a beneficent trine aspect to Obama’s natal Sun. This will culminate in Apr. 2014. We might see a turning point in the public’s perception of Obamacare around that time, or a sudden shift in world events that will give Obama the chance to display leadership.

That leaves us with the square of Obama’s secondary progressed Saturn to his natal Mars. This aspect is going to be around for awhile. In fact, it will likely color the rest of Mr. Obama’s life. It will emphasize tendencies we can attribute to the square between Saturn and Mars in his natal horoscope. These are tendencies toward stubbornness, depression, over-planning and periods of low vitality.

As this aspect tightens, the President might develop a long-term health problem. However, I think it more likely that the vilification of Obama that has become so prevalent in conservative circles will not only continue through the rest of his administration, it will get worse, and could pose a threat to Obama’s well-being even after his term is over.

There is one more important aspect coming up for Obama this year. It will not become exact until December and probably won’t show its full influence until it hits again in July and August of 2015, but it will still be crucial. That is the conjunction of transiting Saturn to Obama’s natal Midheaven.

In my book, Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes of Your Life, I write extensively about these Saturn transits. Saturn’s journey across the angles of your horoscope tells the story of your life. When it crosses the Midheaven, Saturn brings challenges with regard to your career and public image. The choices you’ve made previous to this transit are going to be put to test. The good choices are rewarded and the bad choices invariably punished. This is what Obama will be facing with this aspect.

What we will see in Dec. 2014 and probably more so in the middle of 2015, is the true measure of Barack Obama as a president and as a human being. It could be a time of triumph for him. (George Bush was reelected under a similar aspect.) Or it could be a time when he will be forced to face his failures. In either case it will be a time when his character and the wisdom of his choices will be fully revealed.


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