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Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic DuoFatherSunMotherMoonCover

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my latest book, Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo. The book explains how your Sun sign and your Moon sign work together to create your complete personality. The book includes descriptions of all 144 possible combinations of the Sun and the Moon.

Astrologers agree that the Sun and Moon signs are the core of any horoscope interpretation. Through the Sun we establish our identity and push our ego out into the world. Through the Moon we protect that ego, guard it against psychic and physical harm and guide it with intuition and emotional wisdom. The Sun is your offense; the Moon is your defense.  Getting them to work together is the key to being the happy and productive person you were meant to be.

Virtually everyone knows his or her Sun sign these days, but the Moon sign is a little more problematic. The Moon changes signs about every two or three days, so you usually need a horoscope charted for your date, place and time of birth in order to be sure of your Moon sign. You can use the link to Astrolabe we provide on our website to get such a chart for free.

People who don’t know their time of birth can possibly learn their Moon sign by getting a chart done for noon on their date of birth. If the Moon in this chart is in the middle degrees of a sign (let’s say between 8 and 22 degrees of the sign) you can assume that it was in that sign all day. Of course, if the Moon is placed in the early or late degrees of the sign, that assumption cannot be made.

Father Sun, Mother Moon is available through Amazon.com as a downloadable e-book. (Click here for a link to that page.) It will also be available as a hard copy book in a few weeks. We welcome your comments on the book. You can leave reviews on Amazon and voice your opinion on this website. We have more books in the works, so keep your eye on Good Golly Astrology.


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