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William Blake and the Sagittarian SpiritBlakeImage

When I think of Sagittarius, I automatically think of William Blake. Blake was born with the Sun in Sagittarius. He was also something of a mystic who counted among his friends at least one astrologer. So, it’s not surprising that Blake’s work expresses the restless and expansive spirit of this sign so well.(Click here to see a horoscope for William Blake.)

The work pictured here, which depicts a personification of the rising Sun, is Sagittarian to the core. Notice the narrow band at the bottom of the painting. This is the real world, where farmers till the soil and average people live their average lives. As a landscape it is peaceful and rather pretty, but it is also terribly claustrophobic.

No self-respecting Sagittarian would ever want to be caught that kind of quiet and uneventful “real” world. The Sagittarian mind needs something bigger, a place where there is room for the all the enthusiasm and optimism for which this sign is famous.

William Blake knew this about Sagittarius, and he provides his Sagittarian Sun with all the room it requires. Yeah, that’s about nine tenths of the image, just the kind of proportion of hope to reality that Sagittarius likes.

And look at that space! It is not only big: it is full of movement and excitement. There are angels flying around, trumpets blowing and flames swirling. And you also get to walk around naked. This is where Sagittarius wants to be.

Of course, very few Sagittarian get to live in this kind of space. Blake, himself, had to struggle through life in the “real” world, working hard with little reward, ignored by most of the art world of his time and quarreling with the rest. During his lifetime, Blake was regarded as an eccentric and a crank. He might have faded into obscurity, if it hadn’t been for the support of a few young patrons who discovered the artist late in his career. (Click here to see a gallery of Blake's artwork.)

How does the typical Sagittarian, with his or her head full of big ideas and grand schemes, survive in a real world of narrow minds and low ceilings? The key is hope. For Sagittarius, the proportion of hope to reality has to be close to what Blake gives us in this picture. Hope has to expand, glorious and loud, far above the confines of day-to-day existence.

In the short term, of course, this hopeful Sagittarian might seem foolish and gullible. He or she will probably make errors in judgment and do things that make other people angry. But in the long run, that hope can lead to wisdom, to an awareness that what really counts in this life is not the stuff going on in the narrow band that is our reality, but in the exultant spiritual triumph that is taking place above it all.

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