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Available Soon!

I’m interrupting my series on artists and the signs of the zodiac because I’m just so excited about my new book. It’s called Father Sun, Mother Moon and we’re putting the finishing touches on it as I type this. The book explains how your Sun sign and your Moon sign work together to create your complete personality, and it gives descriptions of all 144 possible combinations of the Sun and the Moon.

We are publishing the book as a Kindle e-book and we hope to have it available for purchase before the end of the year. The book is simple enough so that people with just a basic understanding of the Sun signs will be able to enjoy it, but it is also designed to be usefully for folks with more knowledge of astrology. The Sun and Moon signs are the foundation stones of any horoscope interpretation and knowing how they work together is essential.

Keep visiting Good Golly Astrology for further announcements.

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