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Heidi Fleiss, Nicole Brown Simpson, Larry Flynt and Too Much of a Good SignMarsVenusGold

In my last article I wrote about the problems that come from having Mars and Venus in different signs, what I called the Mars/Venus Split. Now I want to talk about what can go wrong when Mars and Venus are in the same sign.

At first glance, people with Mars and Venus in the same sign seem to have an advantage. What Mars wants is basically what Venus wants and they don’t have to worry about the needs of one planet sabotaging the desires of another. But they also miss out on that second opinion that can be so important when a person is making choices about relationships.

For example, a person with Mars in Aries might profit from a Venus in Capricorn that says, “Slow down, champ. We need to think this over.” And a person with Venus in Gemini might need to hear their Mars in Scorpio saying, “This is not all fun and games. We need to get serious about this person.”

The person with Mars and Venus in the same signs hears only one voice. At times this can be exhilarating and empowering. “I know what I want and I know how to get it.” But at other times this certainty can cause them to make some bad decisions. Here are few examples.

Heidi Fleiss has both Mars and Venus in Aquarius. The voice here says, “Let’s be original. Let’s ignore the rules and laugh at convention.” Those can be fun words to live by, until you get arrested for prostitution.

Nicole Brown Simpson had Mars in Cancer with Venus in Cancer. Venus in Cancer promises complete devotion, Mars in Cancer delivers that devotion. With the right person, this combination could lead to a beautiful relationship. With the wrong person, however, it can be a disaster.

Larry Flynt has Mars and Venus in Scorpio. Scorpio gives us a bone-deep understanding of the power of sex. It knows how sex can bring out the best and the worst in people. Flynt took this message to heart and, by catering the lower end of that scale, made himself a very rich man.

Each sign holds the potential for too much of a good thing. Mars and Venus in Pisces can get lost in its own emotional chaos. A double dip of Aries wants the chase to go forever. In Gemini, Mars and Venus can be too rational, in Leo too theatrical, in Libra too idealistic. Mars and Venus in Virgo can seem incapable of sentiment. Mars and Venus in Sagittarius can seem incapable of commitment. And Mars and Venus in Capricorn can reduce love to a business transaction.

It should go without saying that most people with Mars and Venus in the same sign learn how to avoid these pitfalls. It may take a painful experience of two, but they find the means within themselves to head off these bad decisions. Still, if you have this double dip arrangement of Mars and Venus, you have to be aware that too much of a good sign can lead you astray.

So have you had experience with a double dip Mars and Venus, either in your own horoscope or someone else’s? We’d like to hear your observations.

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