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Saturn and Sandra BullockSBullockImage

Sandra Bullock seems to only get stronger with age. She has been one of Hollywood’s most reliable leading ladies and biggest earners for almost 20 years now and shows no signs of stopping. This year she starred in two very different movies: The Heat, which was a typical “buddy” comedy only with women playing the buddies, and Gravity, a suspense thriller that seems bound for the Oscars. Both films have been phenomenally successful.

What is most remarkable about Bullock’s long career is that she didn’t get her first big break until relatively late. She was 30 when her role in Speed first made her a star, an age when many young actresses begin to see their options wither. For Bullock, however, 30 was just the right age to start.

Bullock’s horoscope is remarkable for the number of planets on the angles. (Click here to see her chart.) The angles of a horoscope are the Ascendant, the Midheaven (or M.C.), the Descendant (the point on the circle directly opposite the Ascendant) and the I.C. (Imum Coeli, the point directly opposite the Midheaven. Bullock has Mars, Venus and the North Node of the Moon on her Ascendant, Mercury and Uranus close to the I.C. and Saturn directly on her Midheaven.

The Midheaven and the 10th House rule the career and Saturn on the Midheaven typically means that a person will struggle early in their career and find success relatively late. Because it is so hard won, this success will have extra substance and staying power and will earn the person the respect of his or her peers.

What is also interesting about Saturn in this chart is the almost exact quincunx it makes to Bullock’s Sun in Leo, in the 2nd House. The quincunx is not a positive aspect. It generally implies problems and blockages that are hard to define and result in awkwardness. This aspect might explain why Bullock has had so much trouble in her relationships with the men in her life. (Both Saturn and Sun are often seen as represent male principles.)

But the quincunx between Saturn and the Sun in Bullock’s horoscope seems to have had at least one positive effect. Bullock’s career (10th House) has made her the highest paid (2nd House) actress in Hollywood. Not bad for a broad pushing 50.

Of course, there are a whole lot of things going on in Sandra Bullock’s horoscope other than Saturn. Just for starters, we have Venus on the Ascendant (beauty and good fortune) and Uranus on the I.C. (sudden changes and an irregular home life). But Saturn does explain the remarkable span of this actress’s career and forecasts more of the same.