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Progressing Linda RonstadtLRonstadtImage

Earlier this year Linda Ronstadt announced that she was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and that the illness prevented her from singing. Ronstadt had retired from her music career a couple of years earlier (when transiting Saturn was on her Midheaven and square her natal Saturn,) but still it is sad to think that this iconic performer, whose voice has left an indelible mark on so many songs in so many different genres, has been silenced.

So what’s going on in Ronstadt’s horoscope? (Click here to see the chart.) The most dramatic aspect influencing her right now is the square of her secondary progressed Mars to her natal Saturn. This is a “stop” aspect. It brings us opposition, adversity and trials that test our patience and our endurance. You don’t fight your way through a Mars to Saturn square. Fighting will only get you more stuck and incur stauncher opposition. You have to take the hits, wait out the pain and try to learn from the troubles that come your way.

Ronstadt’s secondary progressed Mars in her 10th House of career. For Ronstadt, the disease struck, not just at her livelihood, but at the talent by which she identified herself to the world. The the 10th House and Midheaven are like the neon sign over the door of a business. They announces what you do and what your place in the community should be. This aspect has forced Ronstadt to turn off her sign.

Of course, Linda Ronstadt is not the only person forced to deal with a secondary progressed Mars aspect. President Obama has been under a similar aspect since 2010. A comparison shows the different ways astrological influences can manifest themselves. While Ronstadt has to deal with a dread disease, Obama has had to deal with the rise of the Tea Party and the election of a band of ultra-right wing congressmen and women who have set their sights on tearing apart the signature legislation of his first term, the Affordable Care Act.

Obama’s secondary progressed Mars is in his 9th House (squaring his Saturn in the 12th.), The 9th House relates to philosophy and public policy. So his problems are centered on his political philosophy. Since 2010, particularly since the 2010 congressional elections, Obama has faced a long series delays, reversals and criticisms. And yet, in the midst of all this trouble, Obama still managed to get himself reelected.

Likewise, even though her illness has stilled her voice, Linda Ronstadt has found ways of communicating. Her autobiography hit the bookshelves last month and quickly became a bestseller. A Mars/Saturn progression can block us in one area of our lives but it always possible to move ahead in a new area. This is another example of how “bad” aspects help us grow as people. Parkinson’s may have taken away Linda Ronstadt’s identity as a singer, but there are lots of other ways she can use her Midheaven. She just has to have the energy to find them.


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