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Venus to the RescueUranusSqPluto

On Oct. 15 Venus moved to within a degree or a quincunx with transiting Pluto. Around that time we saw a loosening of the impasse in Congress over funding the government and raising the debt ceiling. The “our way or no way” crowd in the Republican Party saw the discussion move away from defunding or delaying Obamacare and toward the real issue: Could the U.S. economy survive the damage a government default was likely to cause? While this discussion was going on, Venus went on to trine Uranus. A few hours after that trine became exact, a deal was struck.

Venus is the planet of harmony and agreement, so it’s no surprise that when Venus became involved in the famous Uranus to Pluto square a resolution was reached. Of course, Venus sometimes creates agreement by glossing over ugly realities creating a false sense of comraderie. The bill signed by President Obama yesterday only funds the government until January, and then the argument will start all over.

In my last article on the Uranus/Pluto square I described how this aspect has created an atmosphere in which doctrine overrules good sense and power has become the only worthwhile goal. The aspect will continue to close until it becomes exact during the first week of November, so we are going to continue to see repercussions from the budget debate. Hopefully, one of those repercussions will be a realization by Tea Party Republicans that they are on the wrong track.

The good news is that when the budget deal comes up again, around January 15th, the Uranus to Pluto square will have separated by nearly three degrees. The bad news is that the aspect becomes exact again in May, 2014. My guess is that Congress will enact another temporary funding measure in January and the real fight will occur in May and June.

Will Venus come round to save us again? There is a nice aspect by Venus to Pluto and Uranus on May 17, 2014 but I wouldn’t count on it saving the day a second time. It would be much better if our elected officials decided to access the higher functions of Uranus and Pluto, such as humanitarianism and depth of understanding. That is how we overcome the destructive influences of a square aspect in a natal chart. Unfortunately, right now it seems to be distant dream.