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A Scorpio Couple Breaks Up

A lot of people were shocked to learn that Bruce and Kris Jenner have been living apart for the past year. However, what has always surprised me about this couple is the idea that two Sun sign Scorpio’s would put their private lives on television. Now that I know that, in fact, the Jenners were able to keep this very important detail about their marriage concealed from the public, my faith in the basic attributes of Scorpio is reaffirmed. No sign is better at keeping a secret.

Comparing the charts of Bruce and Kris Jenner is difficult. We have a complete horoscope for Bruce, but no time of birth for Kris. This is particularly problematic because, not only does the Moon change signs on her birthday (which is rather common), so does Venus. Venus moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius. This puts her horoscope into a kind of limbo, particularly with regard to relationships. It is difficult to say anything about her attitude toward love and romance without knowing her Venus sign.

But we can say something about her and Bruce’s Scorpio Sun sign. Sharing the same Sun sign works quite well for some couples, and not well at all for others. A lot depends on the Sun sign. Two Leos, for example, would always be competing for attention, while two Aries would be competing for accomplishment. A relationship between people sharing these Sun signs could work, but there would have to be some powerful connections elsewhere in the horoscope and somebody would have to be prepared to compromise.

A relationship between two Scorpios, however, has a better prognosis. Here you have two people who aren’t afraid to face life’s ugliest realities. Each would be well equipped to understand the deep, emotional compulsions of the other. Two Scorpio would be able to "read" on another, to see through the tough exterior Scorpio commonly maintain to the layers of feeling that lie underneath. Most important of all, two Scorpio would be able to share secrets without ever jeopardizing their privacy.

Of course, there are some problems inherent to an intimate relationship between two Scorpios. Scorpio is a Fixed sign, so there would have to be definite boundaries established within the relationship. Each would have to have his or her area of dominance, and each would have to avoid interfering with the other in that area. A battle of wills between two Scorpios is a war of attrition that can only result in the misery of both parties involved, along with anyone else close by.

Maybe this is what happened to Bruce and Kris Jenner. Maybe what we are seeing now is a quiet and, by all accounts, amicable battle of wills. If this is the case, there is always the chance that it will end when both parties recognize that there can be no winner. So far, the couple seems to be avoiding the topic of divorce, and with good reason.

A battle of wills between two Scorpios is tense, but open warfare (such as a divorce proceeding) can be a holocaust. Scorpio people are ruthless and unforgiving fighters. They won’t battle over money or material things, but they will fight tooth and nail for the feelings and the power that those material goods represent. Let’s hope the Jenners maintain their amicable separation or even revitalize their marriage. The alterative could well be too mean-spirited and crazed even for reality TV.

Do any of you know of relationships between people sharing the same Sun signs that have worked? What about some that failed spectacularly? Do you think you could be married to someone with your Sun sign?