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Mars in Capricorn, Mars in Leo and One Screwed-Up Birth CertificateRFarrow Headshot

The revelation by Mia Farrow about the parentage of her son, Ronan Farrow, has but this young man squarely in the spotlight. In an interview, Mia Farrow admitted the Ronan might not be the son of Woody Allen, who had been her paramour for several years prior to his birth, and instead may have been sired by Frank Sinatra, from whom she had been divorced for near 20 years by time Ronan was born.

Of course, one look at Ronan Farrow's picture confirms the fact that Mia and Frank Sinatra’s divorce must have been extremely amicable.

Sinatra’s and Farrow’s marriage had created quite a stir back in the 1960s because of the 30 year gap between their ages. This gap was emphasized by Farrow’s little-girl-lost appeal. The marriage fell apart after just a few years when Farrow elected to star in the movie, Rosemary’s Baby despite Sinatra’s objections.

Mia Farrow has Mars in Capricorn and people with this Mars sign are often drawn “unequal” relationships, but usually the discrepancy gives them an advantage. Sinatra had Mars in Leo, another Mars sign that like to be the boss in relationships. So the failure of their marriage is not surprising. (If you want to see the horoscopes of all the people named in this article, click here for a link to astrodatabank.)

At the same time, Farrow’s Moon is directly on Sinatra’s Venus. This tells us that she found great comfort in Sinatra’s affection and that it was something she craved. Once she was free to continue her career and the battle of wills with Sinatra was over, this bond of affection continued.

After her divorce from Sinatra, Farrow began dating Woody Allen, who was only ten years her senior. She also starred in several of Allen’s movies. Allen has Mars is Capricorn as well but, since the couple never lived together and Farrow presided over a growing passel of children, the issue of who was the boss or parent in the relationship was never defined. This tenuous arrangement was famously shattered when Allen established a separate “unequal” relationship with Farrow’s teenage adopted daughter.

Allen’s Mars is almost exactly conjunct Farrow’s Mars. This connection typically represents a very strong sexual attraction, but there is also a potential for conflict. Since Farrow’s Mars also in a close opposition aspect with Allen’s Pluto, this potential comes with a sense that one party has deeply wronged the other. The breakup of Allen and Farrow was probably the messiest non-divorce of all time.

Out of this mess came Ronan Farrow (originally named Satchel O’Sullivan Farrow). His horoscope is as remarkable as the circumstances of his conception. Born with the Moon on his Midheaven and a stellum of planets in the 10th House, Ronan Farrow seems bound for great things. It is no surprise that he graduated from college at 15, has a law degree from Yale and has been active in both humanitarian work and politics every since.

What particularly impresses me about the horoscope of Ronan Farrow is the nearly exact square his Sun makes to the Nodes of the Moon. This indicates a strong ego, and someone who will seek to distinguish himself in some way. I really think that he is someone that we are going to hear from in future, and not just because of who his daddy is or isn’t.

It is also interesting that, like both Sinatra and Allen, Ronan is a Sagittarius by Sun sign and that he has Venus in Capricorn is directly conjunct both his mother’s and Woody Allen’s Mars.

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