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Malala Yousafzai: Cancer Strong

It’s hard to kill a Sun sign Cancer. It isn’t as if they have super powers or anything. It’s just that they have within them a well of emotional energy so deep that no amount of adversity could every touch the bottom. Once that emotional energy is engaged, once it has connected with a cause or a belief, it can overwhelm any obstruction put in their path.

We don’t always see the strength of Cancer. All too often, Cancer people use up the power of their emotions fretting over personal issues. They behave irrationally or according to their own extremely subjective priorities and waste their emotional energy fighting over trivial matters. So, it can come as a surprise when one of these emotional dynamos shows his or her true ability.

Malala Yousafzai is such a Cancer. She is the Pakistani teenager shot by the Taliban because of her advocacy of education for women. (Click here to see a horoscope for Yousafzai charted for noon.) She survived this deadly attack and has courageously continued her crusade.

Yousafzai’s Sun is square to her Saturn. This is not the best aspect to have to the Sun. It often results in a person who takes him or herself too seriously and who is prone to worry and self-doubt. But Saturn is a planet that is at its best when it is under pressure. The greater the difficult, the more we see the dogged persistence of Saturn, it’s steady, unrelenting focus and its staunch determination to do what is right.

Another interesting point about the square between Malala’s Sun and her Saturn is the fact that her father is also an advocate of education in Pakistan and that he appears to have been a great influence on his daughter. Symbolically, Saturn square the Sun can be seen as the child taking up the burden handed down from the parent.

Mercury in Yousafzai’s horoscope is in a close opposition to Uranus. (Depending on the time of day she was born, it could be exact.) This aspect reveals a unique intelligence and a mind that will always go its own way, regardless of social pressure. Mercury is in Leo, so she takes a great deal of pride in her intellect.

But what particularly strikes me about this solar horoscope is the placement of Neptune in Capricorn. I’ve written a lot about the coming of the Neptune in Capricorn generation and how their vision of a world in which ideology takes a backseat to good sense is going to bring the world a new kind of revolution. Malala Yousafzai is creating just that kind of revolution in Pakistan.

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