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The Big Square Strikes AgainUranusSqPluto

Since June 2012 Uranus and Pluto have been within a degree of completing their 90 degree aspect, the big, bad square, three times. This is the second time that arrangement has coincided with a budget crisis in Washington. Maybe the universe is trying to tell us something.

In the summer of 2012 the aspect never became exact. The two planets flirted with a 90 degree aspect for a few of weeks and then went in different directions. At that time a shutdown of the government was narrowly avoided. In May of this year, two months after the “sequester” deal that had averted a government shutdown in 2012 blew up, the aspect was exact. Now with the aspect approaching culmination once again, and with the Sun moving opposite Uranus and in a square with Pluto, we have a government shutdown.

Some astrologers like to describe this ugly meeting of Uranus and Pluto symbolically. They see Uranus as representing the people, for example, and Pluto the bankers. I prefer a more psychological approach. The way I see it, Uranus square Pluto is like a bad marriage. Each party invariably brings out the worst in the other.

What Pluto brings out of Uranus is a preference for doctrine over reality. The thinking is, “If I stand by my principles, my revolution will remain pure and unsullied. The fact that individuals might be harmed along the way is inconsequential. Come the revolution, we will all eat pie in the sky.”

What Uranus brings out of Pluto is the arrogance of power. “Power is the ultimate reality, the ultimate good. People who have it, have value. Those who don’t, have none.”

In this interpretation there is no clear division of the parties in this fight. On both sides there are people taking the Pluto side of the argument (“We can’t surrender power.”) and the Uranus view, (“Doctrine supersedes good sense.”) Thus we have Republicans who will never give up their 19th Century vision of a 21st Century American and Democrats who will stand up for the Affordable Health Care Law regardless of its faults.

Politically, this adds up to a glum prognosis. Both sides have dug their trenches and seem disinclined to move even an inch.

Astrologically, we know the present square between Pluto and Uranus culminates on November 1. Can the shutdown last that long without doing permanent damage to the U.S. economy? I don’t know, but it will very difficult to get either side to make a significant move before that date.


So what are your thoughts on the government shutdown? What roles would you assign Uranus and Pluto in this argument? Do you think a resolution is possible?