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GordonLevitt image
Joseph Gordon-Levitt-Aquarius

It seems like everywhere you look these days there’s a picture of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The actor, who started performing when he was six and hasn’t let up since, is currently starring in Don Jon, a movie he also wrote and directed.

We don’t have a time birth for Gordon-Levitt but a horoscope charted for noon (click here to see the chart) shows that he has the Sun on the last degree of Aquarius. The Sun will remain on that degree no matter how late in the day he was actually born. There is a theory that a body on the last degree of a sign displays the attributes of that sign with particular emphasis.

Gordon-Levitt has certainly shown some Aquarius independence during the course of his career. His most recognizable early role was as an alien in the body of an American teenager (being an Aquarian no doubt helped here) in the television comedy, 3rd Rock from the Sun. Even though the series was immensely popular, Gordon-Levitt disliked being a teen celebrity and quit after four years.

In his latest effort, Gordon-Levitt plays a man whose addiction to pornography keeps him from connecting with a real person. There is an Aquarian theme here has well. Aquarius people tend to be more comfortable with abstractions than realities, particular emotional realities, and can have trouble connecting with people as individuals.

It isn’t just the placement of Sun than gives Gordon-Levitt an Aquarian quality. His Mercury and Venus are also in Aquarius and his Sun is in a square to Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius. The aspect to Uranus increases his penchant for going his own way and resisting outside control. Gordon-Levitt is very much the rebel, and we can expect to see much more of this part of his nature as his clout in Hollywood increases.

Gordon-Levitt’s placement of Venus in Aquarius has shown itself is an interesting way. Rumors have cropped up that the young actor is gay. Gordon-Levitt response to those rumors has generally been to ignore them, though he did admit to one interviewer to having a girlfriend. That girlfriend is apparently someone outside the entertainment industry and he prefers to keep the relationship private.

People with Venus in Aquarius are prone to unusual romantic connections and are often drawn to relationships that seem unlikely with people from very different backgrounds than their own. But most of all, Venus in Aquarius folks hate having their sexuality categorized. They hated behaving in a way that other people expect and will often do all they can to be contrary in these matters.

One last thing we can say about Gordon-Levitt solar chart is that he has the Moon in Leo. Though its exact position can’t be known without a time of birth (it could be anywhere between 9 and 24 degrees of Leo), it still an excellent sign placement for a performer. This tells us that Gordon-Levitt is a creative person and cannot feel totally at ease unless he is involved in some sort of creative process. Acting is not just a job or him, it is an emotional need.

So, what’s your opinion of Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Do you see his Aquarian qualities? Do you think he would be better off following his Aquarian nature and playing characters or going with his Leo Moon and playing leading men?