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Pluto, Cher and the Rise of the PhoenixCher Image

With a new album, a recently published biography and a series of print and television interviews, Cher has reemerged as a pop star to be reckoned with. At 67, an age at which most people are thinking about retirement, this music icon seems ready to start her career all over again.

This should come as no surprise once we consider Cher’s horoscope. (Click here to see the chart.) Cher was born with her Sun on the last degree of Taurus. People born with Taurus as their Sun sign are tough. They’re built for the long haul.

Also, Cher has the Moon in Capricorn in a T-sqaure with Saturn and Jupiter. This is a combination that guarantees a good deal of pain and hardship, particularly involving emotional issues, and Cher certainly has experienced her share of this. But this aspect also provides for resiliency and a sense of purpose. People with significant connections to Capricorn and Saturn learn from their mistakes and gain strength and wisdom from their trials. They get better with age.

The most important transiting aspect to Cher’s horoscope right now is the passage of Pluto over her Descendant. This is usually a difficult aspect. Pluto demands transformation. Very often it tears us down so that we are forced to rebuild ourselves and our goals from the ground up.

However, Pluto aspects are not always so bad. They can be times when we really begin to understand what living in this world is all about. We look into the depths of our existence and find hidden meaning. We can discover power within ourselves that we never thought we had during a Pluto transit and learn how to use that power effectively.

Pluto is associated with Scorpio which is commonly seen as being represented by the scorpion. However, Scorpio can also be the sign of the Phoenix, the great bird that rises with renewed power from the ashes of defeat. Looking at Pluto rising over the Descendant (the line that separates the bottom and top halves of the chart) in Cher’s horoscope I can’t help but think of a phoenix ascending into public awareness after a long period of relative inactivity.

Of course, no Pluto transit is a bed or roses. I would guess that this recent flurry of attention has caused Cher significant anxiety. And there may be some unpleasant developments yet to come. However, right now it seems that the singer is weathering her big Pluto transit quite well, and this is probably a testament to her resiliency of that Capricorn Moon.

So, do you think a 67 year-old woman can still be relevant in our youth oriented Pop culture world? Or do you feel that performers like Cher still have something to offer, both in terms of their talent and their observations? We are always interested in your input.

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