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A Capricorn Gets Ready for a FightTed Cruz

The threat by Senator Ted Cruz to stop the spending bill making its way through Congress unless it defunds Obamacare is evidence of the growing clout of the ultra-right wing of the Republican Party. It is also a demonstration of what happens when a Capricorn goes into attack mode.

Capricorns are not known for their aggression. They are typically cautious, sensible folks who see conflict as a waste of valuable time and energy. But Capricorn is a Cardinal sign by quality or modality and that means that they are activist. They will fight for what they think is right.

We do not have a birth time for Ted Cruz but a chart done for noon (click here to see the chart) shows that no matter what time he was born on Dec. 22, 1970, he has the Sun in Capricorn. Cruz’s Sun forms a 90 degree square aspect with his Pluto. This adds a Scorpio quality to his personality, which is increased by the fact that he has both Venus and Mars in that sign.  Cruz is a particularly stubborn Capricorn and not likely to back down even when the odds are against him.

What is at stake, of course, is the shutting down of the U.S. government. Experts say that a government shutdown could have a disastrous effect on the economy. Of course, Cruz and his Tea Party cohorts say the same thing about Obamacare. Once again it seems that the left and the right in Congress are playing chicken with our future.

When Capricorns do get in a fighting mood. they fight smart. Their objectives are concrete and they are quick to exploit any advantage that they are given by the opposition. Also, Capricorns rarely fight until the bitter end. They are much more prone to make an organized retreat and save their strength for another day.

However, there is that Scorpio presence in Cruz’s chart. Since we do not have a complete horoscope for him it is hard to say how strong this Scorpio influence might be.  What we can say is that, when Scorpio is strong, retreat is not an option and the bigger and more transformative the smash-up, the better.

Another important factor is the ongoing square between transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto. It is getting close once again and will be exact on the first day of November. This aspect introduced itself to us two years ago with a very similar budget crisis. At that time, the aspect never became exact and a government shutdown was averted. We might not be so lucky this time.

A few weeks after the Uranus to Pluto square becomes exact, Saturn will be moving opposite Ted Cruz’s natal Saturn. This will represent a turning point for him, probably having to do with his expected bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. So, Cruz has a personal stake in what happens in Congress during the next couple of months. This could be a Capricorn starting the fight of his political life.