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Astrology and Past Lives

Last weekend I attended a workshop given by Samantha Doane-Bates on Astrology, Karma and Past Life Regression. It was a wonderful experience.  I learned a lot about astrology and how it relates to the phenomenon we call reincarnation.

Typically, we look at a horoscope in order learn more about what will happen to a person in this life. In the workshop I discovered that these same astrological techniques can be directed in a different way to learn what kind of experiences a person might be carrying forward into this life from a past life. Qualities and traits that we might take as just a part of a person’s character could actually be rooted in behaviors and events that are remembered on a subconscious level from a previous existence.

Let me say that my ideas about reincarnation are somewhat different from Samantha’s. Though I believe in the continuation of the spirit after death and the possibility that a single spiritual entity could show up is several different earthly lives, I am less certain about the notion that we take on each new life with the expectation of learning particular lesson. I prefer a more organic approach.

 In fact, I wonder if the spiritual identity we think of as our own is not actually something we share with many people, some who lived in the past, some in the present and some in the future, and that the experiences that entity has in one of it earthly manifestations occasionally spill over into another. In this theory we could be influenced by lives that overlapped or that are even contemporary with our own.

That’s my thinking on the matter, but I admit that I have nothing to back it up that compares to the many years of experience and study that Ms. Doane-Bates brings to the subject. What impressed me as much as the astrology we learned in the workshop was the stories that Samantha told about her clients. These were people who came to her suffering a variety of physical and emotional problems and found relief (and sometime miraculous cures) after reliving painful experiences from a past life.

Regardless of what you think about reincarnation, these stories illustrate the amazing power which the mind and the spirit can exert over the body. This is a concept that doesn’t have much traction in modern medical practice but that is been around for a long, long time. Samantha’s work shows us the degree to which our physical health is interwoven with our spiritual health.

If you are interested in learning more about past-life regression I suggest you purchase Samantha’s book, The Light of Roses: Past-Life Regression – A healing Journey. (The cover is illustrates this article.) You can do this by contacting her at sdoanbates at aol.com.

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