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Miley Cyrus at the VMAsCyrus Image

A few weeks ago I wrote about Miley Cyrus (click here to see the previous article) and noted that Uranus was square her natal Venus. I predicted that this aspect might lead to some questionable decision-making and, guess what, it has.

Cyrus’ performance at last Sunday’s Video Music Awards ceremony had Venus square Uranus written all over it. It was sexy (Venus) and it was controversial (Uranus). It was also a calculated act of rebellion against her previous image as a Disney branded All-American girl (Uranus again).

It wasn’t just that Uranus was square Cyrus’ Venus. Sunday night transiting Jupiter was just beginning to separate from a square with Uranus. This is an aspect that had been going on in the sky for over a week. Jupiter square Uranus is an aspect that screams with defiance of authority and the desire for dramatic acts of rebellion. One manifestation of this was the “thrill” killing of an Australian athlete in Oklahoma. That sort of puts Miley Cyrus’s gyrations in a different perspective, doesn't it?

During the VMA awards Jupiter was opposed to Cyrus’ natal Venus (much too much sexiness) and Mars was conjunct her Mars (more sex). When you combine these aspects with the VMA ceremony’s history of outrageous behavior, Cyrus’ performance seems to be an obvious result. In fact, I’m a little chagrined that I didn’t predict this turn of events when I wrote about her on June 8. Of course, I didn’t know that she was set to perform at the VMAs and I wasn’t aware of awards show’s reputation for scandalous behavior. Bad research on my part.

This is only the beginning for Cyrus. As I pointed out in my last article, Uranus will be squaring her Venus again in the Spring of 2014 and Pluto will be moving back and forth over that degree that entire year. We could see more outrageous behavior from her but, with Pluto in the mix, the results will not be nearly so flashy or fun. Also, in October of this year Saturn will square Cyrus’ natal Saturn. There will be important decisions made at this time involving both her career and personal life.

So what’s your opinion of Miley Cyrus’ performance? Will it help her career or hurt it? Was it too blatant? Was there too much tongue? We always welcome your comments.

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