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Alex Rodriguez: Progressing into TroubleRodriguez Image

It used to be good to be Alex Rodriguez. You were a big name baseball player playing with the most high-profile team in the world (the New York Yankees). You made lots of money (275 million over 10 years). You dated Hollywood stars (Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz) and everyone (except Red Sox fans) seemed to love you.

Now, it’s not so good to be Alex Rodriquez. Now you’re fighting a suspension that could end your career, the management of your team won’t talk to you because of a possible law suit and when a Boston Red Sox pitcher intentionally hits you with a pitch, your own teammates don’t even bat an eye. Apparently no one loves Alex Rodriguez right now. So what happened?

We don’t have a birth time for Alex Rodriguez, (click here to see the noon chart) but his secondary progressions tell the story. In Jan. 2013, when the allegations were first made linking A-Rod to the Biogenesis Clinic that dispensed performance enhancing drugs to players, Rodriguez’s secondary progressed Sun was conjunct his natal Venus and square his natal Neptune. By itself, the Venus aspect would be positive, but the square to Neptune describes self-indulgence and scandal.

Since then, Rodriquez’s secondary progressed Mercury has moved into a conjunction with his Pluto. Since we don’t know the House position of Pluto in A-Rod’s natal horoscope we can only guess at the full meaning, but it’s definitely not good. This is an aspect of intense mental pressure, feelings of being persecuted and narrowness of thinking.

These two secondary progressed aspects are bad enough, but there’s more. In Rodriquez’s birth chart he has natal Mercury is in a rather wide conjunction with Saturn. This is a fairly positive aspect in a natal horoscope. It provides for a serious outlook and the ability to concentrate one’s mental powers fully on a given task. However, as Saturn progresses closer to Mercury in the secondary progressed chart, these good influences can turn ugly. The thinking becomes stultified and inflexible. Bad ideas are compounded by even worse ideas and an inability to change direction.

Interestingly, Bill Clinton was under this same secondary progressed aspect when he was trying to deny his affair with Monica Lewinsky. A bad idea compounded by an even worse idea. Clinton, who is a very smart man, was made to look like a philandering fool under this aspect. Alex Rodriguez, who is also a smart man, may be destined for a similar fate.

All is not lost for Rodriguez. The proximity of his secondary progressed Sun to his natal Venus tells us he could still regain his popularity and maybe even cut a deal that would reduce his suspension. Since we don’t have a complete horoscope for him, it is also possible that there is a transiting aspect coming along that could benefit his position. However, Saturn moves slowly in secondary progression and its influence on Rodriquez’s Mercury is going to last for years. Even if he manages to survive the challenges he is now facing, it’s not going to be good to be Alex Rodriguez for a long time.


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