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Say that five times real fast. My curiosity was aroused recently by rumors that Willie Robertson, one of the “stars” of the reality series, Duck Dynasty, was being courted by the Republican Party for a run for Congress. Robertson, who is the C.E.O. of the family business (they make duck calls) that is at the center of the show quickly put the brakes on those rumors, but I though it still might be interesting to see what is going on in his horoscope.

Of course, we don’t know Willie Robertson’s birth time, but a chart done for noon reveals some interesting trends. (Click here to see the noon chart.) Robertson is a Taurus by Sun sign. If he was born earlier in the day he has the Moon in Leo. If he was born in the evening, his Moon is in Virgo.

Since the Duck Dynasty program premiered on A&E in March, 2012, Pluto has been conjunct Robertson’s Jupiter. More recently, Uranus has squared the same degree. If you’re going to have Pluto and Uranus activating any planet in your horoscope, Jupiter is the best bet. Depending on how Jupiter is placed in the chart, a conjunction with transiting Pluto can expand boundaries and deepen one’s intellectual and spiritual life. Uranus square natal Jupiter is more jolting and intrusive, but it can bring sudden good fortune.

The Duck Dynasty program has certainly broadened the world of the Robertson family. It is the most popular program on the A&E channel and has made its bearded stars pop culture heroes. It has also put Willie Robertson on the lecture circuit where he tells people about his Christian faith. His popularity as a speaker to Christian audiences rivals that of Tim Tebow and Sarah Palin.

On the show Willie plays the humorless businessman who is constantly being frustrated by his layback, red-neck family members and employees. This is a good role for a Taurus. The uncompromising realism of Taurus, and the sign’s tendency toward strong opinions and inflexibility often makes Taurus people the target of jibes. Of course, no sign take this kind of heat better than Taurus. They go on doing what they've got to do regardless of who’s laughing.

It’s not likely that Willie Robertson has an astrologer, but if he did, that person would have probably advised him against making a run for Congress. In Robertson’s chart, his secondary progressed Mars will be square his natal Uranus for the next three or four years. This is an arrangement that will likely result in some travail for Robertson. Serious physical injury, shocking revelations and a sudden shift in status are all possible manifestations. If anything, Robertson might want to decrease his public profile during this progression.

So what do you think? Are you disappointed that we missed the chance of having a guy with a ZZ Top beard in Congress? Or do you think we have already enough people from the entertainment industry in politics?

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