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A Look at the Horoscope of Chelsea ClintonCClinton Image

Dynasties are not supposed to exist in a democracy but in an age when name recognition and celebrity matter more than policy, they are hard to avoid. We’ve had the Kennedys and the Bushes and now, with Hillary apparently gearing up for another run at the presidential nomination, the possibility of a Clinton dynasty. An added wrinkle to this phenomenon is the increased public profile of Bill and Hillary’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

During her youth the Clintons did a commendable job of keeping their daughter out of the spotlight, of allowing her as much privacy as was possible for a person with her linage. It is only recently that Chelsea has assumed a public role, first by campaigning for her mother in 2008 and then as a spokesperson for the Clinton Foundation. This has caused some to wonder about a future for Chelsea in politics. Let’s see what her horoscope has to say. (Click here to see the chart.)

The need for privacy is quite evident in this horoscope. Chelsea is a Sun sign Pisces with Scorpio on the Ascendant. Moreover she has Pluto in her 12th House in an all but exact opposition to her Venus. This is someone who is very sensitive to intrusions into her private life, particularly into matters involving relationships. Having seen the intense public scrutiny of their private affairs that her parents endured during the Clinton presidency; it would take a huge leap of faith for Chelsea put her privacy at risk.

At the same time, however, we have a proud, attention loving Leo Moon in the 9th House where it indicates an affinity for philosophical debate and a concern for the public good. Along with this, we have Mars conjunct Jupiter in the 10th, indicating grand ambitions and a career involving both intense competition and public concerns. The fact that Mars and Jupiter are opposite her Pisces Sun tells us that Chelsea’s ambition is at odds with her need to protect her sensitive core.

Overall, this is a strong horoscope. There are hard aspects indicating adversity and tough internal struggles but these are also the kind of aspects that bring toughness and resolve. The positive aspects add just the right amount of ease. For example, the trine between her Mercury and Uranus gives Chelsea intellectual clarity and the trine between her Venus and Neptune provides a touch of glamour, the kind of glamour that comes with being a part of a political dynasty. This bit of star power could be the thing that convinces Chelsea to compromise her private nature and step up on the public stage.

In the short term, the next important passage for Chelsea will be in January and July 2014 when Saturn crosses her Ascendant. This will be a time of personal assessment. She will likely be forced to make a judgment with regard to the trajectory of her career and decide whether she wants to continue to move forward with a public life or withdraw.

However, considering the complexity of Chelsea’s horoscope, I think we have to look at the long term. Any firm decision on a political future for this young woman will have to wait until much later in her life. She is going to have to establish a strong sense of emotional security and put to bed a lot of fears and worries before she can open herself to the unforgiving light of modern politics.

Ten years from now, around 2023, Chelsea’ secondary progressed Sun will move across her natal Venus and opposite her 12th House Pluto. I think this will be a crucial period for her, a time when the lid will be pried off her private life one way or another and she will have to deal with the consequences. If she can handle the turn of events indicated by this progressed aspect, then we might actually see a Clinton Dynasty.