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The Neptune in Capricorn Generation Gets Religion

Generational astrology is the study of how the sign placements of the slower moving planets influence whole generations of people. It has been an ongoing interest of mine for some time. (Click here to see some of my articles on Generational Astrology.) Recently I saw an article the CNN website that dovetailed very nicely with some of my findings.

The article was written by Rachel Held Evans and cites finding from a survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute and the Brookings Institute. The survey labeled the youngest generation addressed as the “millennials” and included in this group people born between 1980 and 1995.(Click here to read Evans' article.)

Neptune entered Capricorn for the first time 1984 and stayed there until around 1998, so most of the people interviewed for this study came for the Neptune in Capricorn generation. (I keep telling these guys that if they just used a little astrology to mark off the generations they’d get much clear results, but you know how they are.) Also, about half the “millennials” in this study had Uranus also in Capricorn.

Evans’ article deals with the attitude of this younger generation toward religion. What the study revealed was that people in this group regarded the evangelical churches as too political and too divisive. Moreover, this Neptune in Capricorn generation is not on board the flight from science, rationality and, most of all, compassion we see in so many evangelical churches. They don’t want to have to choose between evolution and their faith. Nor do they want to belong to an organization that excludes and denigrates their gay and lesbian friends.

The study also showed that the techniques used by churches to bring in previous generations of young people are not working with this generation. This Neptune in Capricorn generation is not impressed by Christian rock or bible coffee houses or “cool” youth ministers. The study showed that they were actually drawn to a more traditional approach to religion and moving back to the older, established churches where faith is nurtured through ancient rituals and time tested ceremonies rather than “born-again” ecstasies.

 When I wrote about the Neptune in Capricorn generation a couple of years ago I wasn't sure what to say about religion. It seemed that Neptune’s call for spirituality and Capricorn’s practicality would cancel one another out. But I did predict a return to traditional religions. After all, Capricorn is in tune with all things old. Also I felt this generation would have little patience with religious extremism.

Another thing I predicted for this generation was that they would be revolutionary because they will demand that government and other institution do their job. What Evans’ article reveals is that this hardnosed attitude extends to religion. For the Neptune in Capricorn generation religious institutions need to do their job, and the primary “job” of churches has always been charity and service to the less fortunate. For this group faith is demonstrated by acts of sacrifice and compassion, not ideology or political clout.

Are you a part of the Neptune in Capricorn generation? If so, do you feel your attitude toward religion is different from that of previous generations? We’re always excited to hear your comments and observations.

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