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The Horoscope of Katy Perry (Part Two)KatyPerry Image

In my last article I began a discussion of the horoscope of Katy Perry. (Click here to see the sources of her birth information and chart in AstroDataBase.) I focused on the fact that the planets in her chart are laid out in what is called a “Bundle” formation. Today, let’s look at some of the aspects that dominate Perry’s horoscope.
Because everything is crowded so close together in that Bundle formation the most significant aspects are conjunctions. Two conjunctions stand out in Perry’s horoscope and they are both extremely close.

The first is the conjunction of her Sun with Pluto. Since Pluto rules Scorpio this aspect automatically doubles the already considerable influence of that sign in Perry’s personality. As I said in my last article, Perry’s Libra Ascendant puts a pretty face on a whole lot of Scorpio power. This aspect tells us that Perry is essentially a conservative person and that she has tremendous strength of will. She is driven by deep feelings and obsessive emotions and this can make her seem ruthless at times. She is also secretive and likes to keep her true motivations and desires to herself.

With all this influence on Scorpio, Perry is not shy about using sex as a means of gaining a certain kind of power. However, Scorpio people never take sex lightly. They understand how sexual desire can warp perception and hobble the will. So, in her personal life we can expect Perry to be circumspect and cautious with regard to sexual behavior. Of course, with Venus in impulsive Sagittarius she will occasionally have to put this caution aside.

The second conjunction is between Perry’s Moon and her Saturn. This aspect reinforces the conservative influence of Scorpio. It also adds a great deal of discipline and hardnosed practicality to the personality. Perry needs to feel she has control of all the important, and some of the not-so-important issues in her life. There is a degree of selfishness in this aspect but also a lot of toughness. This young woman is not going to give up her super-stardom without a fight and she probably already has a ten, maybe twenty years plan for maintaining her place on the top.

Of course, as with anything in astrology, it’s all not good news. People with the Moon conjunct Saturn are tough for a reason. They are bound to encounter more than their share of personal defeats, harsh judgments and heart-rending loses in the course of their lives. Pluto conjunct the Sun also has a significant “down” side. Pluto has a way of breaking down the ego (represented by the Sun) and revealing its delusions and vanities. The higher we go with Pluto the more certain a major comeuppance becomes, and with it a “dark night of the soul.”

Next time we’ll look at what astrology has to say about Katy Perry’s future and a little of her past. in the meantime, do any of you have any observations about how Pluto and Saturn have influenced this performer's life? You comments are welcomed.

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