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The Horoscope of Katy Perry (Part One)

I recently came across a complete horoscope for Katy Perry based on a birth time given in a biography. (Click here to see the reference in AstroDataBase and the chart.) The chart has one particularly interesting feature, beyond the fact that it is the horoscope of a famous pop star.

The first thing you notice about this horoscope is that all of the planets are grouped in one small area of the circle. This is called a “Bundle” formation, a designation invented by Marc Edmund Jones many years ago. In Katy Perry’s chart the “Bundle” is particularly tight, with everything (except the North Node of the Moon, which is not a planet) tucked into an area only slightly larger than 60 degrees.

In a Bundle formation such the one seen here there is no chance for an opposition or square aspect to a planet. Since these are the aspects that most often produce conflict and hardship that might seem like a good thing, but squares and oppositions are also the structure around which we build character and strength of will. In a Bundle formation, these qualities have to come from other sources.

What “Bundle” people often lack is the capacity to second guess themselves. There’s nothing holding them back, no inner conflicts to overcome.  For that reason people with this formation come on strong. Obviously, they don’t all have the success of a Katy Perry, but they tend to be people you don’t easily forget.

Because the Bundle formation involves a lot of planets in a few signs, those signs become very important. For Katy Perry, that crucial sign is Scorpio. She has five things in Scorpio, including the Sun and the Moon. Perry’s career has been mostly built on light-hearted, slightly risqué pop songs but this emphasis on Scorpio shows us that this young woman is a much deeper and more emotional person than the glitz, glamour and purple wigs would otherwise indicate.

Bundle formations also place a lot of emphasis on one or two Houses. For Katy Perry this emphasis is on the 1st House. She has Libra Rising, so she presents an energetic, eager to please and physically attractive persona. But all the stuff in her 1st house is in Scorpio, so there’s a lot going on behind this affable screen.

With both the Sun and the Moon in the 1st House, Katy Perry was born with a huge need to make her mark on the world. With both the Sun and Moon in Scorpio and no squares or opposition aspects to hold them back, that need was backed by single-minded determination and a keen awareness of the use and misuse of power. Perry’s tremendous success wasn’t guaranteed by this combination but it certainly didn’t hurt.

I will have more to say about this horoscope in my next entry. In the meantime, take a look at your own horoscope as see if you have a Bundle formation. If you do not have a horoscope charted for your date, time and place of birth, uses this link to get one for free.