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Alex Baldwin’s Twitter TwialsBaldwin image

It’s a rough time for folks born with the Sun in Aries. Witness the downfall of Amanda Bynes and now Alex Baldwin. (Click here to see Baldwin’s horoscope charted for noon.) Both Bynes and Baldwin have gotten into trouble with their rants on Twitter. Baldwin has even vowed not the use Twitter again, a smart move considering his history.

If ever there was a medium that was designed to bedevil Aries people, it is certainly Twitter. People born with the Sun in Aries (or sometimes Mercury in Aries or Aries Rising) are prone to quick responses, particularly when they are angry or irritated. The full implication of what they’re saying often doesn’t dawn on them until after the words had leapt out of their mouths.

When the Aries person saying these things is sitting with friends and family, people who understand him or her, there’s usually no harm done. But when those thoughtless words can be punched into a cell phone and sent bouncing off satellites all around the world, it can mean big problems.

The presence of Uranus in Aries only exacerbates this tendency. When Uranus makes contact with one of our natal planets it sounds a call to freedom. “Let it all hang out,” Aries says. “Don’t hold back.” Sometimes that push toward liberation is necessary. It gives us the inspiration and courage we need to break out of confining situations. But when Aries is involved, this impulse to throw off all restrictions can act like gasoline poured on a fire.

Alex Baldwin, of course, as a history of public displays of rage. His natal Sun is in a close sextile with his Mars. Sextile aspects describe attributes that come to us without effort or training. Mars is the planet that rules Aries so, for Baldwin, this aspect is really a double dose of Aries. Unfortunately, this means a double dose of the famous Aries quick temper.

Uranus is currently close to Baldwin’s natal Sun. This explains his current problems. But Uranus is retrograde (moving backwards relative to the Earth) so what he’s experiencing now is just a taste of what it to come. Uranus will cross his natal Sun in April, 2014 and will remain close to that degree through most of 2014 and into 2105. So, if you’re following Alex Baldwin on Twitter, it’s going to be a while before you hear from him.


So what about the other Aries Sun sign's out there, particularly those born before April 3? How has Uranus in Aries influenced you? We always appreciate your comments and observations.