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Paula Deen Gets a Big Serving of Saturn (Hold the Butter)Deen image

In January, 2012, Paula Deen announced that she had been diagnosed with type two diabetes. No surprise there. The woman had been pushing (and supposedly eating) fat filled butter soaked fried foods for decades. So much for “good ol’” Southern cooking.

Of course, at the time she made her announcement, Deen had already signed a contract with a big drug company to endorse their diabetes medicine. It seemed like the food empire that Paula Deen had built over the years, with television appearances, cook books, restaurants and multiple product endorsements would continue to purr down the highway of prosperity.

But Saturn had different ideas.

When Deen made her announcement transiting Saturn was square her natal Sun. (Click here to see a horoscope for Paula Deen charted for noon.) This is an aspect that frequently coincides with illness and physical challenges, but the physical manifestations of this transit are less important than its psychological meaning. When Saturn squares the Sun we are called upon to downsize our egos and to admit that we are all subject to the whims of fate.

Now Deen is under another Saturn transit. Transiting Saturn is square her natal Saturn, part of the Saturn cycle that I’ve written about many times on this website and in my book, Saturn Cycles, Mapping the Changes in Your Life. (Click here to see my article on the Saturn cycle of Paris Jackson.) A law suit filed against Deen and her brother by a former employee alleging sexual and racial discrimination has suddenly cast a disgraceful light on the “butter queen.”

Deen’s main problem seems to be that she admitted using that noxious “N” word while being deposed. Considering that Deen grew up in the South during the 1950s and 60s it would be more surprising if she had claimed she hadn’t, but Saturn doesn’t make those kinds of allowances. When Saturn hits those hard aspects to its natal place, we are forced to face our past mistakes and misjudgments. The severity of our crimes is less important than the hubris, egotism and selfishness they represent.

I am convinced that much of the criticism currently leveled at Deen has its roots in what happened when Saturn squared her Sun in 2012. Taking money from a company that sells drugs to treat a disease that her recipes can cause was the height of hypocrisy and, no matter how much they might have loved her food, the public was not blind to this fact.

Now, with Saturn squaring her natal Saturn, Deen is paying Saturn its due. What Saturn doesn’t get from us in one passage, it will certainly get in the next (with a little extra for aggravation.) The end result of this transit (which will be complete in August) may well be that the only endorsement deal that survives will be the one Deen has with the drug company.

So what’s your opinion of Paula Deen’ situation?  Taking into consideration that she’s a Sun sign Capricorn, and that Capricorns are famous for their ability to weather adversity and come back stronger, do you think this will be the end of Deen’s career? We love hearing from you.

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