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Baby North Gets Her First Horoscope

Since Kim Kardashian had her baby last week and the time of birth was released, every astrologer in the world has been rushing to produce a horoscope. I’ve tried to resist this urge but I’ve finally decided to add my voice to what by now must be the deafening internet noise.


The baby, named North West, was born at 5:34AM on June 15, 2013. (Click here to see the chart.) There’s a lot going on in this horoscope. The child is going to grow up to be an extremely complex individual with a lot of strengths but also with some issues that will be difficult to resolve.

On the positive side, North was born just before sunrise. This places the Sun just below her Ascendant and Jupiter is not far behind. This kid is going to have no trouble getting used to being photographed and yakked about in the press. She will feed off this attention and quickly develop a “star” mentality.

The fact that North has Neptune on the Midheaven adds to this “star” mentality. The child is naturally geared for a world of glamour and pretense. Neptune can also indicate problems with drugs and alcohol but her Moon in practical, realistic Virgo should help North avoid this pitfall.

The horoscope features a T-square with Venus, Uranus and Pluto. These kinds of aspects bring strength of character but it is strength gained through adversity. In this case the adversity will center on relationships. North will have a lot of trouble trusting people and, at the same time, difficulty in maintaining her own commitments. With Venus in Cancer, she will need a strong and loving partner. The T-square tells us that North is going to have to work hard to secure such a relationship.

The most worrisome aspect in this chart is the nearly exact square between the Moon and Mars. The Moon is the 4th House of the home so it is hard not to see it as representing the mother. This aspect seems to describe a difficult and possibly competitive relationship between North and her mother. Since Mars is in the 12th House of secrets, this conflict and the anger it produces will not be expressed openly. It will remain inside where it can fester into a self-destroying wound if it is not processed through use of the higher mind.

So what do you think? Do any of you have an opinion about North West's horoscope? What about the combination of all those planets in Gemini with her father’s Gemini Sun sign and her mother’s Libra Sun sign? We always appreciate your comments.

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