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Astrology and the Trial of George Zimmerman

As George Zimmerman goes on trial for the shooting of Trayvon Martin, things in Zimmerman’s horoscope begin to tighten up. Uranus and Pluto, moving along in their famous square, are in close aspects with Zimmerman’s natal Sun. Also transiting Saturn is hovering near its natal place in Zimmerman’s horoscope. This is the dreaded Saturn Return that typically signifies the acceptance of heavy responsibilities. (Click here to see a horoscope for Zimmerman charted for noon.)

In his secondary progressed horoscope, Zimmerman’s progressed Venus is moving over his natal Mercury and, depending on what time of day he was born, his progressed Moon could be on his natal Saturn.

What this tells us is that this trial will be a difficult time for Zimmerman. Some experts say that Zimmerman’s claims of self-defense will be sufficient to swing the verdict his way, but with Uranus opposed to his Sun, there will be surprises and possibly serious misjudgments. At the same time Pluto will square Zimmerman’s natal Sun promising a serious confrontation with powers beyond his control.

On the positive side we have the conjunction of secondary progressed Venus to his natal Mercury. This is a “good news” aspect and what would be better news to Zimmerman than a not guilty verdict.

The fact that Zimmerman is still under the influence of his Saturn Return is what is most interesting to me.  Last November, when Saturn actually crossed Zimmerman’s natal Saturn a review board appointed by Florida’s governor decided that Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law would not be changed. I think this decision will have a significant impact on Zimmerman’s case.

The “Stand Ground Law” essential allows a person to use deadly force against anyone posing a physical threat to that person. If someone comes into your home or approaches you with what you perceive as the intention to do you harm, this law gives you the right to kill them as a first option. One columnist called the law “open season on young black men.”

If all the defense has to do is prove that Zimmerman was within the bounds of “Stand Your Ground”, they would seem to have the upper hand. Of course, a verdict on these grounds will make Zimmerman the poster boy for a law that many perceive as unfair and racist. That’s a heavy responsibility for any young man to accept and will not doubt case of deep shadow over the rest of Zimmerman’s life.

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