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Saturn and Paris JacksonSaturn Image

One of the most reliable tools in astrology is the cycle of Saturn relative to its natal position. Every seven years or so transiting Saturn makes an angular aspect to the place it held at the time of your birth, that is to say an aspect of 90 degrees (a square), 180 degrees (an opposition) or 0 degrees (a conjunction). The first series of these aspects occur at the crucial ages of 7, 14, 21 and 28.

For most of us the first two of these passages go by relatively unnoticed. They coincide with turning points that are considered normal. (In my book Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life, I cover this cycle of Saturn in detail.) For someone like Paris Jackson, who has lived her life under public scrutiny, these Saturn aspects are not nearly so commonplace.

When Saturn made its first square to it natal place in Paris Jackson’s horoscope, her father, Michael Jackson, was on trial for child abuse. (He was found not guilty only a month after the aspect was exact.) At the same time, Paris’ mother, who had given up custody of Paris and her brother when she and Michael Jackson divorced, began court proceedings to reestablish her parental rights.

Usually the first Saturn square is a period during which we begin to establish an identity separate from our parents and family. We become more aware of our peers and how we fit into the larger world. But for Paris Jackson that passage was more about confusion and uncertainty. Would her father be carted off to jail? Would her estranged mother suddenly become her caretaker?

Paris Jackson’s next Saturn passage, the opposition aspect, came in Nov. 2011 and agian, as Saturn went retrograde and moved backwards (relative to the earth), in June and July 2012.

The first of these opposition aspects coincided with Jackson’s first movie role. The later Saturn aspects often involve important events in our careers, but it is not surprising that Paris got an early start in this area considering her pedigree.

When Saturn came back to oppose her natal Saturn a second time, however, the news was not so positive. Paris’ grandmother, who had been given custody of Michael Jackson’s children after his death, mysteriously disappeared. Her cousin was given temporary custody and for a few weeks the whole matter of who was in charge got kicked around in the courts. Eventually, custody was returned to Michael Jackson’s mother but, once again, uncertainty had entered Paris Jackson’s life.

As I pointed out in my last article, Paris Jackson has the Moon in Cancer. People with the Moon in Cancer need to feel secure. They need to know that their emotional needs are going to be met. The first two steps of Paris Jackson’s Saturn cycle have brought these issues to the foreground of her life. (Click here to see the horoscope of Paris Jackson.)

The cycle of Saturn is like a series of tests. With each step we are challenged to deal with our weaknesses and build up our strengths. For this reason, this cycle has a reputation of being painful. However, if we learn the lesson Saturn sets down for us these passages can also become periods of triumph. Paris Jackson, despite her youth, has already experienced plenty of both.

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