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Game of Signs: An Astrological look at Game of ThronesDaenerys image

Part Thirteen

I’m a big fan of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire and the television (HBO) adaptation of those novels, Game of Thrones. I thought it might be fun to match some of the characters from this series with astrological signs. If you are not familiar with the books or the television series then proving my matches right or wrong might be an excellent reason to start watching and/or reading.

This is the last installment of this series and we have only one sign left, Pisces, and one major character, Daenerys Targaryen. I think we have a match.

People sometimes get the idea that Pisces is a weak, vacillating and overly sensitive sign but, in fact, Pisces people are motivated by deep and powerful emotions and when those emotions are aimed in the right direction they can be quite formidable.

When we meet Daenerys she is a frightened girl living under the thumb of her imperious older brother, Viserys. Viserys essentially sells his little sister to Khal Drogo, the powerful horse lord of the Dothraki. Dany summits to the marriage, learns to love her fearsome husband and adapts to the primitive and nomadic life of the Dothraki. Her brother doesn’t, and he pays of this lapse with his life.

The social and cultural boundaries that might stymie other signs mean little to Pisces. They adapt, they blend in and they welcome new experiences and new people into their lives. Pisces folks can be loyal but they loyalty is dictated by their emotional attachments and those attachments are never fixed.

Daenerys is a compassionate person. She saves a woman from rape after a Dothraki raid. The woman claims to be a healer and Danni allows her to treat Drogo when he is wounded. But the woman betrays Daenerys and the Khal dies. In a grief-stricken fury Daenerys has the woman tied to Drogo’s funeral pyre and burned alive. Then Dany enters the flames holding three ancient dragon eggs and when she emerges, she is the mother of three fire-breathing maniacs.

Daenerys isn’t through being compassionate. She takes pity on the slaves in Astapor and in other slave holding cities. After a while, however, Dany’s compassion becomes a liability as the freed slaves look to her for protection.

Pisces people are sensitive to the needs and hurts of other people and this sensitivity often gets them into trouble. The hardest word in the Pisces lexicon is often “no”. It’s a word that every Pisces has to learn if he or she is to prosper.

Daenerys often uses deception to achieve her aims. This is another Pisces trait. To Pisces people the world is an intricate weave of meaning and intention. In such a world saying one thing and meaning another is only natural. So when Dany hands over one of her dragons to a slaver in Astapor in payment for an army and she neglects to tell him that the dragons is just waiting for her order to burn him and his city to a crisp, it’s just a small oversight.

Daenerys’ world gets more complex and messy as the story continues. Pisces people follow their emotions so their path is never straight or clear. And yet, because Dany's emotions are so strong and possess her totally, we are compelled to think that she will eventually reach her goal.

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