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Stories of the Seventh HouseCharles Image: Prince Charles

Of all the twelve sectors of the horoscope, it is probably the 7th House that gets the most attention. The 7th House is the sector opposite the Ascendant. It rules significant others. Most often it is considered the house of marriage but it is also associated with partnerships of all sorts and with enemies.

In the next few article I will be looking at the condition of the 7th House in the horoscopes of some people famous for their relationship failures and successes. I’ll start with Charles, Britain’s Prince of Wales. 

The ruler of Charles’ 7th House is Aquarius.  (Click here to see his chart.) This tells us that his primary concern is to find a partner with whom he feels intellectually compatible. The relationship would not necessarily have to be close in a physical sense and there will probably be something eccentric or unexpected about the union. Aquarius is a Fixed sign and people with Fixed signs on the 7th are serious about commitment and are more likely to have lifelong relationships.

When we talk about relationships, however, the condition of the 7th House is only part of the story. Among other things we have to look at what’s going on with Mars and Venus in the horoscope. Mars has to do sexual passion and Venus rules our attitude toward love and romance.

Charles’ Venus is in Libra conjunct Neptune. Charles' attitude toward romance is idealistic and full of expectations that are not necessarily realistic. Charles’ fairy tale wedding to Diana Spencer was certainly an expression of Venus in Libra conjunct Neptune. The ceremony and his bride both represented a beautiful ideal, an ideal that was bound to falter in the cold light of everyday life.

So here we see a conflict between what Venus seeks in a relationship and what the 7th House wants. Diana might have satisfied Charles’ idealized vision of what a princess should be but she could not provide him with the intellectual companionship he required from her lonely perch atop her royal pedestal.

And there were other problems. It is a fact that in every horoscope the ruler of the 7th House of partnership will be the sign opposite the ruler of the 1st House of self.  For the affairs of one house to prosper, compromises have to be made with the other, and this is never an easy process.

Charles has Leo ruling his 1st House (and Ascendant). People with Leo on the Ascendant like to be the center of attention. One of the problems that cropped up in his marriage to Diana was the fact that he often felt overshadowed by her crowd pleasing beauty and charm.

Charles had begun his relationship Camille Parker-Bowles long before he met Diana. They were imminently compatible but she was not his ideal. So the relationship cooled and both went on to marry other people. However, when there is a Fixed sign on the 7th, the embers of affection never completely die and, as his dissatisfaction with Diana grew, Charles sought out Camille.

Charles’ second marriage to Camille is more in line with his 7th House. As an older couple, they entered into the marriage without passionate impulses or romantic delusions. It is a marriage that broke several rules and traditions. Camille is a divorced woman and the marriage was not approved by the Anglican Church. Many people have raised objection to this marriage but this static is not likely to have much impact. People with Aquarius on the 7th like a little rebellion in their relationships and such criticism only makes the person they love seem that much more precious.